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Eze breeze windows.Do you like them?

June 12, 2011

After months of consulting with several contractors about enclosing our screen porch with windows to keep the rain from ruining expensive sun room furniture we bought for our last house (and doesn't belong on a screen porch), I got cold feet. I realized I still wanted to keep the look and feel of my porch but windows, even casements, would make it another interior room and I didn't want another room, plus the prices we were getting were outrageous. Plexiglas was not an option because our openings are too big and really wouldn't do the trick because we would have to put them up every night and have no easy place to store them.

I had an idea put tracks on the window posts and make shades our of clear vinyl and was trying to research the idea when I came across Eze-Breeze windows. After checking them out and pricing them (they were a fraction of the costs of windows), we are seriously considering them.

Do any of you have these type of windows installed on your porch? Do you like them and are they easy to use? How do the hold up after several years? We live in New England and get lots of snow and rain.

Thanks, Elle

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  • pink_peony

    What do you mean by “fir out the posts”. Thank you.

  • pink_peony

    Would it be easier to just close in post portion and do EZEBreeze on top portion? Maybe place some ship lap or bead board inside and Hardie Plank outside to match siding? We are really considering these due to the out of control pollen!

  • w_routt

    "fir" out your posts means adding additional wood to the inside of each post (approx. 2") so the inside mounted windows can be installed without hitting the railing. Your other option of closing in the post portion may be more work, but overall may be less expensive (smaller Eze Breeze windows)

  • Priscilla

    Has anyone with these windows noticed a reduction in noise? We live near an interstate and are looing into enclosing our screened porch to reduce traffic noise. I'm sure they won't block noise like fully cased windows, but do they help?

  • buddymama952

    They do not reduce noise. I am always looking to see if I left a window open because it sounds like we did. Good to keep rain out and pollen off of furniture but not noise reduction. I was a little disappointed.

  • Kathy n/a
    I had double hung energy windows installed instead of Ezebreeze. so I am unable to answer that question.
  • XLR828T8 .

    It appears that there are upwards of 9 different offerings for screens types. I've searched this entire thread and haven't found any one talking about what screen type they selected. Does anyone have any input on that topic?

  • pink_peony

    Curious if those who have gotten the tinted ones find they offer privacy. We are going to be somewhat close to our neighbors on one side and are thinking of getting the ones on that side of the porch tinted dark for privacy and keeping the rest clear colored. Not sure if that will solve the problem. Or look funny.

  • Lee Gordon

    We bought EZE breeze windows two years ago for our lake home, enclosing a covered patio. They are wonderful. I would HIGHLY recommend going with DIY EZE Breeze. Their prices are the best and they were really great working with our contractor.

  • buddymama952

    We put up a folding screen on the side we need privacy. We layed it flat against the window and a table in front in case of wind. Worked perfect, looks good and saved money

  • luwomack

    We are in the process beginning a new construction and are considering using Eze Breeze windows for the porch. We currently have a screened in porch and the pollen is horrific so we are not even considering using just screens. Love the idea of lowering the Eze Breeze windows down to 1/4th to enjoy the openness we have now. On our current porch we have a farmhouse table and of course the humidity has done a number on it. I have a nice breakfast table that I am wanting to use on the porch in the new house. Do Eze Breeze windows cut the humidity and dampness out? We live in NW GA.

  • Steve H

    Installed ours in 2010. Eight years later they are still like new. I will say, they have saved many birds lives. Birds used to slam into our glass patio doors and either get knocked out or would die from the impact. They still like to fly into the windows, but now they just bounce off harmlessly. You can read the whole story on how we built our own affordable three season room at: How we built our own (DIY) 16x30 three season room

  • bichonlady52

    If I had to do over no. Would do windows. Keep room with less noise and easier to clean. Also windows make it so you can truly be three season. Ezebreeze is good to keep pollen out. I have had windows in a previous home. They were sliders. Prefer them and sorry I did not do them in my new home.

  • tector2

    I agree with bichonlady52. If I had real windows, I'd get a lot more use out of my porc\h year round.

  • Lee Gordon

    We love ours. We have a lake house at Grand Lake, Oklahoma, and this has become our favorite room. We paid a little more and got the tighter screens to block out pollen. EZE Breeze were much less expensive than glass and we don't have to store windows and worry about breakage when putting in glass. Also with our crazy changes in seasons, we can go from screen to solid with just a slide.

    We are getting ready to do the same porch enclosure style in our main home.

  • pink_peony

    Here is another question. I love during summer and fall that my screened porch has nothing whatsoever obscuring the view (but the screen which really doesn’t block the view). I’m trying to figure out if the sliding panels can be completely taken out or if you’ll always have that portion either on the top or bottom where the stacked vinyl is? If they can be taken in and out is it difficult?

  • granniefranguil

    I have my windows for two years now and I love them. The panels can come out, but I don’t see why you would want to do that. I just shift the bottom three panels to the top. The panels come out once a year to clean....after pollen season. Good luck with your decision!

  • landgcar
    Have been enjoying our porch with eze-breeze windows for the last 18 months. LOVE IT!. Below the porch is a walk-out basement so to be within code we needed to put railing on the outside bottom section window section due to the height of the porch from the ground. We choose the vertical sliders and were very pleased that the company was able to locate the 't' bracket higher on the window (instead of in the middle of the window) to give us a more open view. Good luck with your decision and have fun designing your room.

  • jkm6712

    Thanks for the photo langcar! We're installing them in our new build.

  • PRO
    Southern Carpet & Interiors Of Fayetteville, Inc.

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  • bathdilemna

    We had our EZE Breeze windows installed in our screened in porch at the beach back in December so haven't had a chance to really use them yet. But we are definitely very happy we chose to do this. With pollen season coming, we don't have to worry about keeping porch furniture and cushions inside and cleaning our entire porch out every season. Also, we used to rig up a system with curtains and rope every time we leave (this is a second home) or every time there is rain coming and now we can just close the windows and be done.

    For us, this was the perfect solution. My husband did not want to give up his feel of a true screened in porch so we did not want to put real windows in. You lose a lot of air flow and view with windows. We were down last weekend with beautiful summer like temps for a few days (and no pollen falling yet) so were able to open all of the windows either stacked up or down which gives you 75% view and air flow and still looks like a true screened porch.

    I highly recommend this product to have the best of both worlds with a screened porch.

  • CarrieHund

    So I am somewhat interest in ezebreeze, but our porch is high enough above grade that it needs a railing. I’ve seen examples online of porches that have ezebreeze plus railings and it bothers me that it doesn’t all line up.

    Some examples seem to have fixed panels on the bottom that don’t open to go over the railing and then a separate normal ezebreeze system on top, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a nice breezy screen porch.

    I know code for regular window installation is 18” above the floor. Does anyone know if it is the same for ezebreeze? If there was a solid wall coming up 18” could ezebreeze be used from that point to the ceiling without a railing?

    Or is there sone other solution to railings and ezebreeze?

    Btw our openings are about 38”w x 80”h

  • Steve H

    Do you really require a railing if there is a window? Our room is above grade 20" and no railing is required. Always do use a knee wall, especially if you live in a colder climate where it can snow. See my pics a few posts back.

  • granniefranguil

    We live in SC. Our porch is on the second floor so we needed a railing. Our ezbreeze windows were put in from floor to ceiling and then the railing (inside) in front of it. We can open all the windows. My brothe-in-law lives in NC and had the same type room done, but they have the railing outside. The top picture kind of shows the windows and the railing......sorry about the chair picture......first time adding a picture and messed it up.......didn’t know how to delete it.

  • CarrieHund

    A railing height knee wall would block too much of the view of the yard below.

    And with a standard window you only need an 18” wall under it. But ezebreeze aren’t considered windows, right?

    oh and railings don’t start being required til you are about 30” above grade. I think we are about 45” or so above grade on my porch.

    here are some pics of what I am talking about. Because the windows don’t line up with the railing, it looks cluttered.

  • bathdilemna

    Hi CarrieHund, We had a very similar situation with height of our screened porch when we did the eze breeze install. Our screened porch had a railing and pickets going all the way around, which we wanted removed to have full view. I'm not sure if code is the same everywhere but we are in Bethany Beach, DE and the floor of our porch could not be more than 30 inches (or somewhere close to that number) off the ground if we wanted the pickets removed. We were about 8 inches or so too high. To get around this, we had the ground built up with "planter boxes" which was basically dirt, stone and railroad ties to create rectangular landscaping areas on the two exposed sides so now we can add plants and flowers. The third side is even with our front deck which is up about 5 or so steps. Maybe you can do something similar.

  • CarrieHund

    Bathd, do you have a pic? I’d like to get an idea of how far out the beds spread out

  • bathdilemna

    CarrieHund, here are some before and after photos to show you what we did. We removed the grass on the side and back of the house and added dirt, stone and railroad ties to raise to the height acceptable by code. Hope this helps.

    Most of my pics are on my phone so it's difficult to upload on my computer. If you need to see more, send me your email address and I can email to you. Thanks.

  • bathdilemna
    Here's the back view.

  • PamS

    We have had two houses with Eze Breeze windows and love them.

    The first had a short "wood" kneewall.

    For the second, we used a glass kneewall since it was higher and I wanted to see the yard. I also didn't want railings to the floor;

  • nopegasus

    pink_peony we had casements built below our windows that store the windows when we want to take them completely out--which we do often. The top of the casement has hidden hinges and flip up. We store each set of windows directly below the opening in which they go so its very convenient.

  • pink_peony

    @nopegasus very clever! Our porch windows go all the way to the floor.

  • Lollie q

    I have a small screened in porch.. 10X13. I am wondering if any additional support would be needed if I were to enclose this porch with Eze breeze windows and also if I were to put down vinyl plank flooring. Two sides are against the house, and two sides have screens attached to 4x4 posts from the outside, with three 4x4s on the 10' side and 4 on the 13'side. I don't know what these posts rest on as I am not the original owner. The house is 20 years old, can I assume the porch and deck were built to carry this weight? Can these ezewindows sustain the force of snow against them? Or do I need to build a knee wall, which would also increase the load. I live in upstate NY. Does anyone have an opinion of mounting inside or outside. The porch (and deck) are only 24 inches off the ground and accessible from both sides. Really would like more of a three season room, but don't want to have to put in a foundation. Thanks for your help.

  • James Johnson

    Kathy, you say you went with regular windows, I believe when you enclosed a screen in porch. We were going to do that but in our area it requires a building permit. That also means, in many cases that you need a 2ft solid wall on each corner of the porch, so we would lose 4 feet on each run. Also door could not be against house as it is now. While I agree that regular windows are best, to be up to code (an to be able to sell house in future), you need to have plans and zoning and building permits etc. That may not be the case in your area, but when speaking to the building dept. they said this is pretty standard. Without building structure to code a strong storm could pull porch from house, or roof of porch could be compromised and blown off. My biggest concern is staying with in code and be able to sell in the future.

  • Lilly

    Are these ok for cats? We have two cats who LOVE to be outdoors and just moved to a home where unfortunately the outdoors won’t be safe for them. We are seriously considering Eze Breeze to enclose a patio so we can enjoy the outside without mosquitoes, and our cats can safely stretch their legs, but I’m worried about how the vinyl will hold up to feline attention. Is anyone with cats able to share their experience?

  • Mark Livingston

    If you have "normal" cats, I'm sure they will be fine, on the other hand, if you have "wildcats", maybe not. ;)

  • Lilly

    Ha! While I wouldn’t call them wild, our male cat in particular is very strong - he has inadvertently torn holes in our screen door trying to pull it open to let himself out. Your experience is that the vinyl should hold up?

  • Kathy n/a

    Then in my opinion I would say no. Do they have their claws? I have read on this somewhere that a family had the windows and their cat damaged one of the windows and was looking for replacement or repair. You might be sorry down the road if one has went through a screen. I debated on Eze Breeze and thermal pane double hung to replace our screens and ended up with Thermal pane and have not regreted one day of My decision. It's beautiful and I get so many compliments its amazing. But the others are pretty too, I just don't have the worry of something poking a hole, something scratching them, how do I clean them, what to use to clean them with, can I hang curtain rods on them, they won't raise and lower properly, just some of the on going questions and/or statements made in this discussion board. As I have stated before, how do you want to spend your time when the room is done? Worrying and nervous about your window and your choice or install permanent windows and be done with it. Sit back and relax and love your room.

    Just saying

  • Lilly

    This is really helpful - thanks, Kathy!

  • Angela Organ

    Hi All,

    I'm considering Eze Breeze and have a few questions. It is my understanding that you can have both screens and the vinyl windows installed. If so, the screens would be on the outside, and this would serve as a protective barrier for say - birds or cats clawing - correct? Second, Has anyone ever put screens on some windows and not all? I'm thinking of putting screens on 2 sides but not the front of our porch so that the view is better. We do want screens to be able to have a bug barrier. Finally, has anyone used a heated ceiling fan in their screened-in porch with Eze Breeze? I'm looking for a heat source and have read about these as an option.

  • Tracy Puckett

    I am doing a 24x24 screened porch coming off of a typical ranch and have the opportunity now to decide how I lay everything out. I would like to do the vertical 4 track windows. I am not sure how many support poles I will have to have but do not want too many poles breaking up my windows. Any recommendations?

    There was one by Thomas Decks that looks sort of like what I would love mine to look like, but I have no idea of spacing, window size, etc.

    I have lots of questions so any advice is appreciated.

    1) What are twin or triple windows and where are the support poles? Do you recommend 4x4 or 6x6?

    2) I live in southwestern Virginia, close to TN and NC. I keep seeing that these are three seasons. Is there any protection with these windows from extreme cold or extreme heat? I know everyone is different, but if we have 32 degree temps outside, would the room be easy enough to heat with a space heater or am I being naïve? Also, as far as heat, we generally do not get about 90 but a handful of days a year. That should make it useful most of the summer, yes?

    3) I am struggling with color. I want to easily see my grandbabies playing on their swing and would like them to be able to see us (at least a little bit). What color do you recommend? Initially I thought clear, but not sure that makes sense. I really do not want blinds or curtains.

    1. My dad is really against these because they are not traditional glass windows with screens. The only thing I am concerned about is cleaning and wear and tear, but appreciate opinions.

    Thanks from a new shopper.

  • tector2

    If I could do it over, I would have built a traditional glass windows with screens. These windows provide no protection from the heat and the cold. I have a wooded Tn lot and can only use this porch in the spring and a short time in the fall. Every October hundreds of Japanese Lady beetles slip through the screens and plastic windows making the porch impossible to enjoy before it gets cold.

  • w_routt

    Please see my posts dated 6/2/16 and 2/19/18 for details and photos. There is an abundance of information about these windows on the internet - just Google 'EzeBreeze'. In answer to your specific questions:

    1) You would need to talk to a dealer about double and triple units as I did not investigate those. Each of my units were approximately 6' in width which worked well for my porch size. As far as post size, whoever is constructing your porch will need to address that - mine were 4x4.

    2) These windows have no thermal resistance, so do not plan on them helping in extreme heat or cold. We live in Iowa - summers 90-100, winters 20's to below zero. We have ceiling fans in our porch which help in the heat, but do not use the porch in extreme cold. The windows work fine for keeping snow out.

    3) We chose clear so we had an unobstructed view. If your porch will have an overhang, that will help with keeping the sun out. Our porch is on the East side, so afternoons are pleasant with no sun problem.

    4) Many people resist these windows because they are not traditional glass. We have had no problems with them in the 3 years we have had them. We leave them open all the way in the summer, but if we know rain is coming, we close them to prevent water coming through the screens. It takes only seconds to open/close each unit. We clean ours with soap and water. With your size of porch, you will have a lot of surface area to clean no matter what type of window you choose.

    You did not mention exit door(s). We choose traditional Larson self-storing full view storm doors as I think the Cabana doors are way overpriced. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me directly.

  • PamS

    We love our EZE Breeze windows. This is our second house in which we had them installed. Though we have lots of lady bugs in our yard, we've never had a problem with them on the porch, as there are no gaps for them to get in. The ceiling fan helps a lot, though when it's hot and humid we only use the porch in the morning and late evenings. In the winter I use throws and a portable heater to enjoy the space. My porch (actually 3-season room) is my favorite room in the house.

  • techno elevators

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  • Steve Woods

    Feneplast must live in a place with no bugs, no screens.

  • Charlie Fortanbary

    For those that have done these with new construction, did you put in HVAC vents in the space, or, treat it more like a deck? Some of the pictures I've seen have finished hardwood floors, and I thought those required a conditioned space?

  • HU-860825956

    We hav had a couple the sliding clips break. I have heard they are easy to replace. Anybody else ever had this happen? And are there suggestions for fixing them.

  • Lee Gordon

    Never had this problem but know others have. I would contact diyezebreeze.com They are great people and could probably send out clips.

  • ccfil12

    We are in NY and building a 3 season room from scratch and debating using these windows. Any opinion on how they will hold up to the cold winters? Do you think it's a deal breaker? Also, anything to plan for ahead of time if we do use them?

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