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Cumberland Quilt pic

March 3, 2009

I had this free pattern and decided to use up some of my fat quarter stash to make my DH a quilt. Twin size amd just stitched in the ditch quilting.

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  • solstice98

    It's beautiful! I really like the dark, rich tones of your scraps. It's a great contrast with the white.


  • budster

    Your placements and colors really are stunning! What a nice job. Lots of lovely jewel tones in your scraps. Mine seem to be all dull tans. Great work!

  • geezerfolks_SharonG_FL

    Jayne, That is gorgeous and I really like the star effect around the richness of the center! Hmmmmmmm.......

    Thank you for sharing!


  • grammyp

    What a great quilt. I can see now I will be making a bunch of HSTs for camp and putting together tops. Thanks for sharing the great quilt.


  • bonnie_nmi

    Lovely! The colors are wonderful and the pattern looks more complicated than it actually is - my kind of project!


  • pirate_girl

    Hey Nanaj,

    An interesting lesson in simplicity & how it can be strikingly beautiful. The contrast is great, lends it a real crisp feeling; the ditch quilting makes it pop, really excellent, hope DH LOVED it & may it keep him toasty warm!

  • toolgranny

    I love your colors. Adding white really makes it.

  • gerizone5

    It's beautiful-- I love scrappy.

  • annabelle1941

    Just love it - colours are wonderful, well done

  • woodenzoo

    That is very pretty! The white really sets it off.
    Great job Jayne!

  • sidnee

    What are HST's? There are alot of abbreviations, some I can figure out, some I can't.

    Just curious,

  • nanajayne

    HST's are half square triangles.
    Just a point, the white in the quilt is muslin.

  • sewbeeit42

    I want to make this quilt, but have lost the name of the place from where it came. Can you help me so I can get the pattern as I have been desperately search for it? My e-mail is sewbeeit42@yahoo.com Thank you in advance for your help.


  • teresa_nc7

    A beautiful scrappy quilt! Your DH will love it!

  • redpenny

    I love scrappy.The white really sets it off.

  • nanajayne

    I was surprised to see the Cumberland back up. Always fun to read the comments.
    Carolyn, The pattern was a freeby that came in the mail. I had several copies but found only one tonight. I will e-mail the instructions later. It was a fun and easy quilt to use up some of my stash on. Jayne

  • sewbeeit42

    Thank you for helping me out with this quilt pattern. My small quilt group wants to make it and some of the members need to have exact, printed directions. I was sure I had them only to discover I hadn't. My goose would have been cooked had I not found it, but you are saving the day.

  • nanajayne

    Glad to be of help. Wasn't sure they would print out large enough. It is a fun pattern to do and I hope your quilt group has as much fun as I did. Jayne

  • sewbeeit42

    I have continually checked my e-mail including the spam box but nothing has come through yet. Please advise me where to look as I am new to this group and may not be looking in the right place. I would e-mail you directly, Jayne, but don't know your address.
    Carolyn sewbeeit42@yahoo.com

  • nanajayne

    Carolyn, I sent it the other day but I just checked and I may have used the wrong address, I will try again. Jayne

  • biwako_of_abi

    I have never seen the Cumberland pattern before. It's a beautiful quilt and intriguing because, in spite of its simplicity, the more you look at it, the more facets you discover. Lovely use of color!

  • barbara_in_pa

    I never heard of this pattern before and really love it... it is a wonderful way to use up your left overs. So simple, and really beautiful. I need to make this one.

  • lola99

    I must have missed this post the first time around. I'm glad it is back to the top! It is a beautiful quilt.


  • jbj137

    Where can I get this pattern??

    It is soooo pretty.

  • jbj137

    Where can I get this pattern??

    It is soooo pretty.

  • nanajayne

    It was a "freebe" that came in the mail. E-mail me your address and I will send it to you.

  • littlehelen_gw

    Nanajayne...can I have a copy of the freebie too? Your quilt is lovely and I'd love to give this a go.
    I tried to email you, but did not find a link .??

  • nanajayne

    Address: buckyb@rochester.rr.com.
    I only have one copy left but I will do the best I can. Glad you both enjoy it. Clinton has for some time. lol

  • geezerfolks_SharonG_FL

    Am I confused.....again.....or is this more than HST's placed strategically? (Have I said anything about how I hate not being able to see clearly or that my eye doesn't tell my brain what I'm actually looking at?!)


  • nannykins

    I wonder if you really need a pattern for the individual blocks. Maybe just to set them together, but looking at Jayne's quilt, I think they are just set side by side
    And you can decide on whatever size you want those HSTs to be.

    This post was edited by nannykins on Wed, Jul 24, 13 at 13:15

  • nanajayne

    It is a very simple quilt. As Theresa said the blocks are all the scrappy same, placed in rows going in the same direction. It is bordered with dark HST. HST's were made from 6 3/8 sq. and the blocks are 11"

  • quiltnhen

    Looks great. I used to be shy of using white, but after participating in the block exchange for a while and seeing the quilts many of you make, white's become my new best friend!

    It's a great "manly" quilt.


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