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Pull Out Broom Closet

12 years ago

We are thinking about doing the Pull Out Broom Closet pictured below.

Our new home is large (3300 sq ft), but there is very little closet space. We widened our laundry room so that we could have 16 inch deep shelves running along one wall  about 10 feet long, 9 feet high. Part of this wall will be cubbies for the 4 family members. The rest will be pantry.

We do not have a broom closet. Part of me does not want to give up space inside for a broom, mob, dust pan, etc. The only thing I would want handy is the vacuum wand for the Hide-a-hose (HaH) we will be installing. My husband suggested we allow room for a 6" wide (total inside width) broom closet. This would only be 16 inches deep. Do you think that would be wise? Or should we do the pullout below? We could put the pullout on the other side where the washing machines and sink would be. We wanted as much counter space as possible on that side, but I think would could give up 7.5 inches for a pullout like this  if it would be functional.

I would not use a broom once the HaH is installed, and I donÂt mop more than once a week  this is why IÂm loath to give up too much space for these items.

What do you think?


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