Drawer under cooktop?

April 10, 2010

I have a gas cooktop and I'd like some drawers under the cooktop. But my cabinet guy is reluctant - says they'd be too shallow - but I said that's okay if they're shallow b/c I just want them for potholders, spatulas, wooden spoons, etc. So now he's saying there might be specs that the drawer can't be too close to the bottom of the (gas) cooktop... Feel like I'm getting a run-around - so checking with you guys for a reality check... Thanks.

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  • rtorgy1

    I can't fully answer your question because my cooktop is electric, but I have a drawer under mine, and it is shallow, but I am like you, I am only going to put the same things in there that you mentioned. My cabinet guy was all for it- I am not sure about gas though.

  • barthelemy

    It depends on your cooktop, the thickness of your countertop and whereas your cabinets are framed or frameless, but I used to have a 4 inch deep drawer under a gas cooktop. This was with IKEA cabinets, this is a pretty standard configuration, nothing fancy.

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  • desertsteph

    what do the specs for your particular gas c*ooktop say???

  • techmom1

    desertsteph - it's a Bosch and I looked online at the specs - but couldn't find anything regarding a drawer underneath - which made me wonder if he was just using that as an excuse (he didn't put the drawers in originally even tho I'd asked for them, so he'd have to retrofit...) But before I jumped to a conclusion, was checking to see if anyone else had this issue.

  • desertsteph

    your specs should specify what can go under it - and how close it can be. some state so many inches clearance is needed.

    if in doubt, call them and ask. I'd want it in writing tho. from what I've read on here most cook tops state it in the specs.

    I wouldn't want a c*abinet maker who does what he wants instead of what I want - on my dime.

  • desertsteph

    btw, we have had this topic in the past - it might have been on 'a*ppliances' tho. might do a search.

    I can't imagine they don't expect someone to put something somewhere under the cook top...

  • plllog

    Look at the installation specs. That'll say how close the divider between the cooktop and drawer can be to the cooktop. Remember there will need to be room at the back for the gas hose and electric cord, and all that. A certain amount of air room is usually required as well.

    The cabinet guy is custom? There shouldn't be a problem!

    I chose to have the same deep drawers all around my perimeter, so my top drawer isn't deep enough for a lot of things. My gas and induction both have similar requirements. Mine holds wooden spoons, splatter screen and even my grill pans, but not an angled spatula or spoon. I could easily have had my lower drawers made shallower, so that there would be more room in the top drawer. 'Course, it's nice that my big stockpot fits in the bottom drawer, and it does look good having a single line...

  • nursetammi

    I have 2 drawers under my gas range cooktop, a perfect place for pots. I may be misunderstanding where you want the drawer though.

  • lee676

    There is substantial variation in thickness from one gas cooktop to another.

    I've seen a Gaggenau 60cm gas cooktop installed right above a 6"-deep drawer, and the cooktop was actually thinner than the countertop it was set in. The lower surface of the cooktop didn't get hot or even warm when the cooktop was in use. However, the drawer had to be slightly shortened in back to make room for the gas plumbing.

  • wa8b

    I have a 36" Gaggenau gas cooktop. Under the cooktop are two drawers where I store just the items you've mentioned. Spatulas, pot holders, simmering plate, instant-read thermometer, etc. The drawer fronts are 4-1/2" high, but in actuality, the drawers behind the fronts are just 2" deep. The arrangement works beautifully. Beneath the two shallow drawers are two pot storage drawers, both 12" deep and 48" wide. The pot storage drawers have extra heavy-duty full-length extension glides. They function perfectly. I can pull them out with my pinky, and they glide closed with just a bump of the knee. They're one of the smartest things I did in this kitchen. Drawers are so much more convenient than cupboards for pot storage.

  • desertsteph

    wa8b - nice looking cabs/drawers/counter!!

    and here's a pic with a much deeper cook top - obviously gas with drawers below - done a bit differently. her cook top came down in the front more than some do... still managed to get some good st*orage there.
    might want to show these pics to your c*abinet maker. find the info in your specs and take those to the c*abinet maker also. you might need to allow some space before the first drawer below it, but it's gotta be doable...

    drawers might be shorter front to back to allow for the gas line.
    this is most likely a gw k*itchen - i saved because of the shallower inner pullout drawer.

  • cotehele

    This is an induction cooktop with specified clearance under the cooktop. It is 5'' from the counter (which is the cooktop height) to the drawer. The drawer is very shallow - 1 1/2''. It is the handiest thing ever. Spatulas, wood spoons, and tongs fit.

  • techmom1

    Thanks for your replies!
    nursetammi - I have rollouts below for the pots/pans in the cabinet - he put false drawers above that & that's where I wanted shallow drawers
    wa8b - Now I wish I'd gotten drawers below...
    pllog - I looked at the specs again, and there's everything about above, sides, etc. but the only thing I saw about below was that there needed to be a 1/2 inch gap if you put the oven below.

    Here is a link that might be useful:

  • lazy_gardens

    cotehele - great idea. 1 1/2" is deep enough to store the potholders.

  • flwrs_n_co

    Cotehele, what brand of inducti*n co*ktop do you have? Are you happy with it? I've been shopping for one and I like the way yours is flush to the count*r. Also, many require a 12" clearance. Thank you!

    Techmom_1, my apologies, I don't mean to hijack your discussion.

  • plllog

    Techmom, that should be your answer then. Ask your cabinetmaker about the problem. He may be thinking of the hose and wire, or there may be some local code issue. Or it may be that he doesn't want to bother making a drawer that fits around the services. Most are notched in, with custom sides around the notches.

  • numbersjunkie

    flwrs - Miele and Fagor are the only induction cooktops that I am aware of that can be mounted flush, and they both also have minimal clearances required underneath.

  • morgne

    Why would it make a difference if a cooktop was mounted flush? It's still sitting on an edge of stone on the ctop right? It's just in a small depression made by cutting off a layer the depth of the glass itself?

    What do you guys know that I don't?

  • plllog


  • flwrs_n_co

    Thank you, numbers junkie. I'll check those out. I was trying to stay with more modestly priced co*ktops, but maybe I can compromise on something else to make up the difference.

    Morgne, I'm just starting to research induction, but it looks like some co*ktops have vents on at least the front edge. Therefore, I don't think you can cut the stone to have them flush if they weren't designed that way. Also, most have a stainless edge around them--seems like gunk would get under that edging. But mostly plllog is right--it's the look I like, LOL!

  • cotehele

    flwrs, it is a 36'' Miele induction cooktop. I prefer the look of one level. However I like not needing to lift a pot from the counter to the cooktop. Sorry, I don't understand the 12'' clearance. The Miele has a minimum clearance from the bottom of the cooktop to the plywood base, but it is much less tha 12''.

    morgne, The Miele has a stainless edge and has the option to be flush mounted or surface mounted. The stone is routed so the part of the cooktop that would sit on top of the counter is recessed into the counter. The cooktop can be lifted up to clean around the edge. It is a little tricky to lift with one hand and clean with the other, lol.

  • weedmeister

    From the Bosch installation manual for their gas cooktops, there is no clearance requirement below the unit, just the sides and above. So, what you'll need to make room for is the gas pressure regulator, gas line, shutoff valve and electrical line. Hence your drawers should not be too deep.

  • hgluckman

    We've had drawers under our gas cooktop (KitchenAid) for 19 years. We keep utensils there, and have never noticed any heat. In our remodel, we kept the drawers. The biggest issue in the prior design and the current was having enough room in the cabinet for the lower drawers with a downdraft vent (I know, not entirely popular here). It still can be done with the right downdraft and an external blower. I don't have good detailed pics at the moment.

  • techmom1

    Thanks for the verification weedmeister - that's what it seemed to me, too. Yes - they can't be as deep because of the gas line, etc. in the back - that also affected the depth of the roll-outs.
    hglugkman - thanks for posting - it seemed to me that there shouldn't be heat below, but it's good to know from experience!
    I just think that shallow drawers are the perfect place for the potholders and for the (not so decorative) utensils that I use all the time (vs. the bucket on the counter where they are now.) I sent him an email - waiting to see how he responds...

  • avaya3111

    I also bought the Bosch cooktop (gas). When I asked the contractor whether I had to get a shallow one to accommodate the cooktop and a drawer, he told me "Get what you want, I'll work around it." He had to cut a small square out of the back left corner of the top drawer. He boxed it in so I can't hurt the gas line ( or whatever's back there) when I store my utensils. I don't even notice it.

  • mailfox7

    This is my drawer with a view of the gas cut out that avaya3111 seems to be talking about. It is 2 1/2" deep and fits utensils and even small measuring cups, as you can see. My cabinet installer cut the drawer for the gas line. And, believe it or not, he installed for Lowe's!

  • Glenda Cross

    Thanks guys I am trying to get a drawer under my bosch induction cooktop and they are saying they cant do it. I know it can be done because I have it in my previous kitchen So frustrating dealing with people who dont want to do it how you want it. Ugg

  • Lisa SW
    Glenda, I had the same issue with a remodel a few years ago. Custom cabinet maker insisted that you can “never” have operable shallow drawers under a cooktop. I sent them a video of myself opening and closing the drawers in the custom kitchen they had built and installed years earlier. Yes, it can be done but for whatever reason their computer design program says it can’t. Ultimately, I got my drawers but they insisted the sides needed to be shallower (they didn’t). Good luck.
  • numbersjunkie
    I have one, with a Bosch induction cooktop, but the drawer was cut back to be half depth. Still great for spatulas. I also had a downdraft behind the cooktop which may have been a factor, but I think they had to cut back the drawer due to an electrical box from the cooktop.
  • kimberleytomato3

    I have just tried to have a new gas hob fitted above my drawers in kitchen the gas guy wouldn’t replace as I didn’t have a heat deflector /seperator We tried putting one underneath not enough room so have got to lose top drawer to have hob fitted over dummy drawer apparently new regs came out in December about this

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