UFO's (UnFinished Objects)

10 years ago

My sisters and I are terrible procrastinators and were talking about how many unfinished projects we all had going. We wanted to motivate each other toward feeling a sense of accomplishment and decided to start a UFO (unfinished objects) day once a month but with one thing and another coming up in each of our lives we never really got it going, LOL! We had set our UFO day for the 4th Saturday of the month. The plan was to meet at one of our homes and to bring our unfinished project with us to work on - knitting, sewing, painting, magazines or papers that needed to be sorted through and gotten rid of, etc. We would start with lunch and then spend the afternoon together while working on our individual projects. Since it didn't end up working out as a family endeavor I was wondering if any of you would be up for doing something similar as an online group? One of us could post that we are having a UFO day and anyone who wants to join in can. At the end of the day we can post about the progress we've made or share photos of what we've completed. The good thing about doing this as an online group is that you don't have to cart your stuff with you to another location so if you don't have unfinished craft projects that need to be done but have been avoiding clearing out the hall closet or filing the stack of papers that have been gathering on the table you can have that be your UFO. Anyone up for giving it a try?

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