Help: Choosing a Bay Vynl Replacement Window

14 years ago


We had numerous contractors come in with free estimates. There are 2 in particular that I like to compare.

We had one independent guy come in who was featured on ABC's Extreme MakeOver Home Edition who gave us a price for a Simonton 5500 Bay Window and a WindowSource Bay Window. We also had Home Depot come in who gave us prices for Simonton 6500 and 6100 series windows.

The price for WindowSource Bay was $2836. Simonton 5500 Bay was $3700.

Home DepotÂs Simonton 6500 Bay was $3087 and the 6100 Bay $2895.

With all things being equal, I am then comparing the independent guy's Simonton 5500 with Home Depot's Simonton 6500. It sounds like Home Depot is trying to sell a slightly better quality window for $613 less.

I am actually thinking about going with the WindowSource bay window with the independent contractor, but I have no way of really comparing WindowSource with Simonton. I heard too many bad things about Home Depot. With the limited research that I have done, it seems like WindowSource product is a pretty good window, but since they are not well known, they have a lower price. Is this an accurate assessment?

Then what can I say to this guy? Are you overcharging me for a lesser quality Simonton window, so give me a better price for the WindowSource? What does everyone think?

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