Help: Choosing a Bay Vynl Replacement Window

February 3, 2007


We had numerous contractors come in with free estimates. There are 2 in particular that I like to compare.

We had one independent guy come in who was featured on ABC's Extreme MakeOver Home Edition who gave us a price for a Simonton 5500 Bay Window and a WindowSource Bay Window. We also had Home Depot come in who gave us prices for Simonton 6500 and 6100 series windows.

The price for WindowSource Bay was $2836. Simonton 5500 Bay was $3700.

Home DepotÂs Simonton 6500 Bay was $3087 and the 6100 Bay $2895.

With all things being equal, I am then comparing the independent guy's Simonton 5500 with Home Depot's Simonton 6500. It sounds like Home Depot is trying to sell a slightly better quality window for $613 less.

I am actually thinking about going with the WindowSource bay window with the independent contractor, but I have no way of really comparing WindowSource with Simonton. I heard too many bad things about Home Depot. With the limited research that I have done, it seems like WindowSource product is a pretty good window, but since they are not well known, they have a lower price. Is this an accurate assessment?

Then what can I say to this guy? Are you overcharging me for a lesser quality Simonton window, so give me a better price for the WindowSource? What does everyone think?

Comments (3)

  • fusion866

    If you really like this guy (err should i say dont like Home Chepo), then why not just tell him your situation? That you want to have him do the work but his price is higher than other bids you've gotten, and can he do any better. I'm not very familiar with either brand so i cant say weather he's over charging or not, but $2800 sounds very fair for any bay window considering they are usually a 5-7 hour project when done start to finish (building and shingling a roof over it, triming the interior and exterior, putting shutters back up ect.) Most contractors are willing to negotiate if it means possibly losing a job all together, it never hurts to ask and this guy will probably appriciate the fact that you took the time to try to work somthing out with him.

  • bbudoff

    I don't know if it's too late to help, but I did have another thought for you. Since both are offering you Simonton windows, the quality of the windows will be similar. You may want to base your evaluation on the quality of the installation and warranties. I good window poorly installed may not show problems for years. Who will more likely be still around years from now, the independent guy or Home Depot? Who will more likely come out and fix it for free, the independent guy or Home Depot? - Hope this helps!

  • skydawggy

    A little more information would be helpful. Does the price include building a roof over the window? If so, is it to be a shed roof or a hip roof? Will it be shingled or metal? Does the price include grids? Is the quote with Low E H.C. or S.C. and does it include argon gas? Will the sidelites be fixed, double-hung or casements? Does the price include a "cut-out" or will it be installed into an existing opening? If a cut-out is required is the wall brick or a frame up wall?

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