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Screen door installation? Door knob which side?

15 years ago

Hi, Perhaps someone could please answer this query?

We just bought a house in a neighborhood where all the front doors seem to have screen/storm doors installed on the front doors. I guess screen doors enhance air flow through out these small houses (and in winter the storm door will help with insulation) and so we bought a Larson screen door to install too.

But now I am wondering on which side the door latch should be placed? The man at Home Depot said the screen door latch should be on the opposite side of where the wood door lock set is placed. But when I look at photos on the 'net it appears most screen door knobs are on the same side as the permanent door's knobs.

Any advice for me? I know this is a silly question, but I couldn't find the answer googling all the screen door sites. Thanks so much. f.

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