Heating and Cooling Workshop

Pooh Bear
15 years ago

I finally am getting a shop to work again after

many years of my tools and machines being in storage.

I have a 12x20 workshop. One door and 2 windows.

I am currently insulating it and putting OSB on the walls.

First thing to deal with is air conditioning.

I will be using a window air conditioner mounted on the wall.

Dust is gonna be a serious problem for this setup.

I don't have a dust collector. I was thinking of just covering

the face of the a/c unit with a big furnace filter.

I'm open to other ideas on how to keep dust out of the a/c unit.

Next problem will be next fall when it is time to heat it.

I have always used a wood stove but I don't want to do that here.

What idea's can ya'll come up with for heating my shop.

Any help would be appreciated here.


Pooh Bear

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