warning on kitchen cabinet 'legs'

10 years ago

Well, we have finally moved into our new house and my kitchen is nearly complete. I do really love it and will share pictures very soon.

I have found out one thing, though--those pretty curved "feet" I have throughout my kitchen take some getting used to. I am used to nothing below the cabinets in my old kitchen. Well, in this kitchen, I have bumped my toes into the feet/legs several times. And once, I scooted over and caught my toe on the curve of one.

I just want to forewarn people about this issue. I don't think it would have changed what I did, but I think if this will annoy you, you might want to know about it now. I will say, that i wanted fewer "feet" thank I got. My KD thought I should do the number that I have. I wish I had longer expanses without the b/c of this problem.

I am including a picture so you all know what I am talking about.

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