seeds from china fake or real?

6 years ago

I have been growing geranium from seeds for some time now, and i have had good results.
but the price of the seeds (about $4 for just 10 seeds) made me seek another source for my seeds.
i found a store on aliexpress which has a large variety or geranium seeds for sell.
they come 100 seeds for just $1.20.

what i received does not look like any geranium seed that i saw.
they have maybe some resemblance, but one main characteristic of the geranium seeds is missing.
missing is a noticeable radicle (part of the seed that grows into root).
with my previous geranium seeds from USA supplier i always germinated the seeds in a position that the radicle is pointing down.
now i see no sign where is the radicle on these seeds?

I attach a photo with a few seeds , please take a look at it and tell me if it is even geranium seeds, or did i get fake geranium seeds.


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