Fire glass for fire pits?

6 years ago

Hi everyone! We are doing a little project in our backyard....basically extending our existing patio to include a built-in grill/outdoor kitchen area and then a larger paver patio with a seating wall and fire pit. We already have a wood burning fireplace on our covered porch which we love and use often...but wanted a larger more open area for people to gather around at parties and for our teen son, tween daughter to enjoy with their friends.

Our contractor has kind of sold us on gas rather than wood burning for a couple of reasons....1. We already are running the gas line there for the grill and 2. He said that without a chimney, a wood burning fire pit basically smells like a bonfire, which is fine for locations well away from the house, but this area is right at the master suite. I like to have windows open and would not like smelling wood smoke in my house, lol! Another reason for the gas is that we already have a wood burning fireplace on porch so if someone wants a "real" fire they can have at it!

Does anyone on here have a gas fire pit? We don't need the actual pit as the contractor is making a custom brick one...but I wanted to see what people were using to cover the elements. Ceramic logs seem odd to me for an outdoor application, you know, since there are real trees steps away...but what do I know? Lol! Contractor said some people use lava rocks, but he seemed high on fire glass. Does anyone here have that? I have to admit, I was mesmerized by the photos of it. Our home is very traditional, though, and the kitchen/patio/fire pit will be of brick construction...wasn't sure if the fire glass was too "funky?" Lol! Any opinions welcomed!

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