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How to Fix Too Tall Mattress?

Heather Hunnell
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

After 10 years of sleeping on an innerspring mattress that is probably older than we are, husband & I decided that maybe a new one would help with my back pain and his waking up every time I moved slightly.

We finally agreed on some to try at the store (hubby was thinking another innerspring, but I wanted something with a little memory foam) and amazingly, both liked this Serta Vantage. Slept on it last night and think I'm in love.

The problem? It's 30" off the ground. So excited about this purchase that I didn't really think about this. I knew the mattress was a little taller than what we had before, but it was kind of hard to visualize in the store. Even 5'11" hubby's feet don't touch the floor. I also think it looks slightly absurd.

Options for fixing this that don't involve parting with the mattress or sawing the legs off a bed frame that came from hubby's family:

1) Lower profile boxspring (might shave 3-4 inches off the height)

2) Accepting that this is how people sleep now (unless you get a platform bed or put boxsprings directly on the floor) and buying taller nightstands. The ones there now are $60 jobs I got at JoAnn Fabrics about a decade ago and stained myself

3) Find a different bed frame

4) Really don't want to do this, but exchange for a different mattress

What is my best option here?

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting
    7 years ago

    If it was me I would use that bed frame somewhere else and get one that works with the mattress in this case a platform would be the best choice.

    Heather Hunnell thanked Patricia Colwell Consulting
  • Heather Hunnell
    Original Author
    7 years ago

    @apple_pie, how do you know if you really need a foundation? This is an old bed frame with some slats across the bottom, not a platform bed.

  • sootsprite
    7 years ago
    We removed the slats and some metal supports on our bed and are using a regular metal frame to lower our mattress. We have a bed skirt to hide the frame.
    Heather Hunnell thanked sootsprite
  • tallgrassdesign
    7 years ago
    If a low profile foundation is only going to give you 3-4 inches, it's still going to look tall, especially when the bed is made. Unfortunately, today's furniture is proportioned significantly larger than in the past. Also consider if you use the mattress with no foundation or without the manufacturer's recommended foundation, you may void the warranty.

    It may be time to invest in a new frame and nightstands that will be in proportion with your new mattress. If budget is tight and you are handy, it's relatively easy to make an upholstered headboard for very little money. Headboards and nightstands are usually plentiful in consignment shops and on Craigslist.
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  • nansdrew
    7 years ago

    I thought certain bed frames (those with built-in slats for support) don't require a box spring/foundation. Mattresses we've purchased in the past were box spring-optional given the proper bed frame and support. Even the bed you mentioned is sold through Serta with or without the box spring/foundation. I wouldn't give the mattress up if it means great sleep for you and your hubby.

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  • sandradclark
    7 years ago

    I also have a memory foam mattress I bought at Ikea. Instead of the box spring I went with bed slats, however you should check with the mattress manufacturer to see if this can work in your case. I bought a bed, mattress & bed slats all at the same time with Ikea's recommendation. My money was limited but I really wanted a memory foam. I love mine, too. I hope you can find the solution as I did.

    Heather Hunnell thanked sandradclark
  • kccoff
    4 years ago

    I'm (REALLY!) late to this, but - what's the difference between using some slats / metal rails for support, laying a thick sheet of plywood on the supports, then putting the mattress on the plywood without a boxspring... and having a platform bed that doesn't have a boxspring? Enlighten me, please, if I have something figured wrong here. :-)

  • Linda M
    2 years ago

    My bed is 36 inches from the floor and I’m only 5’2” tall. I love the look of a high bed. I just use a little stool. I tuck it in under the bed during the day.

  • Patricia Barrow
    2 years ago

    How does this work out with headboard and nightstand. I’m going from 31 to 36.

    wondering if too high. Really like plush mattress I want to buy.

  • Vicki Herd
    last year

    I feel like I need a Sherpa to climb into bed every night. I am willing to try some of these suggestions.

  • kaseycoff
    last year

    Hubby was 6/4" - I'm 5'2". I started using a footstool to climb in and out of the new bed / new mattress. Tired of that, I said "I want a lower bed." He said "What's the problem?" as he sat down. I said "I'm going to sleep in the guest room."

    Less than one week later, we had a new bed / new mattress. Sometimes the magic works.