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Baby mango tree stopped growing

9 years ago


I have been trying to grow mangos indoors for two years now. I must certainly be missing something because I have not been successful until now. Actually, that bears truth to avocados as well (although I start to have an idea of what I am doing wrong with avocados). The seeds tend to germinate well but then the plant die after putting out the third set of leaves, or so. I keep them in the warmest room of the house, which faces SW.

This spring I planted 3 seeds, of which only one germinated. That baby plant seemed to be doing great until two weeks ago, when it stopped growing. It appeared to be starting to put out the second set of leaves, but it stopped completely. The plant stands at roughly 4inch tall with two medium size green leaves and two tiny buds (the future (crossing fingers) new leaves) on top.

Does any one have any idea about why my mangos perish? What are the causes for them to stop growing? I would appreciate your input.

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