WANTED: Hoya cuttings for trade

Matthew Bohnsack
5 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for people to trade Hoya cuttings with.

I have the following to offer for trade today from plants that I can easily take a few cuttings from:

Hoya bella veriegated reverse AKA: Hoya lanceolata subsp. bella 'Luis Bois'
Hoya aff. bhutanica (IML 0472)
Hoya cagayanensis (IML 1600)
Hoya camphorifolia (IML 0418)
Hoya carnosa
Hoya cumingiana (small leaf)
Hoya curtisii (IML 1160)
Hoya diptera (IML 0261)
Hoya DS-70 (green) (SRQ 3210)
Hoya halophila (IML 1116)
Hoya heuschkeliana ssp. heuschkeliana (IML 0904)
Hoya lacunosa 'Langkawi Island' (SRQ 3077)
Hoya lacunosa 'Royal Flush' (SRQ 3100)
Hoya lacunosa 'Sno Caps' (SRQ 3120)
Hoya lacunosa 'Thai Clone' (SRQ 3047)
Hoya leytensis (IML 1287)
Hoya limoniaca (IML 0092)
Hoya 'Mathilde' [H. carnosa x H. serpens]
Hoya 'Minibelle' [H. carnosa x H. shepherdii]
Hoya myrmecopa (IML 1375)
Hoya nummularioides (IML 0240)
Hoya obscura white form (SRQ 3082)
Hoya padangensis (IML 0421)
Hoya pallilimba (IML 1691)
Hoya pauciflora (IML 0352)
Hoya pentaphlebia (IML 0391)
Hoya 'Rebecca' [H. lacunosa Langkawi Island x H. obscura]
Hoya rubida (IML 1722)
Hoya 'Shepherdii' (IML 0190)

My full list is here:

I'm looking for any Hoyas that aren't on the full list. Thanks!

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