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July 31, 2015
I often see photos showing an area rug under a pool table. We are buying a pool table and we are wondering if it is appropriate to put a rug under the pool table or does it interfere with the leveling of the table?

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    Cancork Floor Inc.

    The rug will interrupt the level of the table. Of course, for a family home where fun is more important than perfect "turnament play" surface, the rug can be worked around. If you want it, make sure you use as low nap as possible (like a tight berber or woven).

    Chat with your table's supplier and see how they recommend working around this dilemma. They do this multiple times per day...everyday for 200+ days per year. They will have a great understanding of what works and what doesn't.

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    Century Billiards

    We are not a fan of the area rug underneath the pool table. Although it looks great, often times when shooting, one foot is on the rug and the other is off. I certainly like to shoot on even ground. What are the dimensions of your room? What size pool table are you interested in? What style pool table? It may not affect the play at all. If you do end up going with an area rug, try not to put the padding underneath. This can create a bounce and throw the level off slightly as people walk around the table on the rug. Please let us know if you would like to discuss further. Best of luck with your room :)

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    West State Billiards & Gamerooms

    A rug while quiet the sounds of the pool table. Also if the pool table is a similar color to the flooring the rug will help highlight the table. A rug that is very thick or a rug placed on top of carpet can cause leveling issues.

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    Big Sky Billiard Supply

    I don't mind an area rug under the table as long as it is big enough. The 7' x 9' that we use to display models on the floor are too small. This rug looks big enough to stand on it while you're shooting and I agree with West State that this highlights the table and quiets the sounds.

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    Simo Brothers Tree Service Inc

    I'm having . . Can't 2feet.

  • redoredone

    Don't know about the leveling issue, but I can see tripping issues when players walk around the table focused on lining up their shots.

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