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Julie Williams
February 9, 2016

Does anyone know if Bracken Sarah is a sport of Bracken Palomino, or vice versa? I've rarely seen two flowers with such similar form that weren't sports. Does anyone know of a list of other sports. I only know of a few.

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  • cicivacation

    Excellent question! I'll ask around, and post back if I find out. Perhaps someone will wander by that knows. The best place to find out would be the ISO Dahlia group on FB. There are a lot of hybridizers and long-time dahlia growers on there, and someone might speak up on this type of advanced question.

    They tend not to answer basic questions to new growers on that forum. New dahlia growers can post here or on 'Dahlia Information on Growing' Facebook group for growing help.

  • cicivacation

    Okay, my dahlia posse came up with some stuff. Looks like Polominio was introduced three years earlier then Sarah, BUT the hybridizer used hand-pollination with his crosses. Which means he kept close track of parents and probably had multiple seedlings with very similar traits over a few years.

    Steve Cox is a really friendly and knowledgable Aussie that might know the answer, if you have interest enough to seek him out online and ask him.

    Hope this helps!



    This list names quite a few sports


    Internet research can be rewarding and in this case it leaves the question unanswered. Some pertinent quotes:

    Ken Stock: I've been waiting to get to this next one, Bracken means it was raised by Mr. Naumann, and that means it is an Australian variety. All the varieties that come out of Australia cost a hell of a lot of money to get them out, not only that but each one has to go through a rigorous quarantine period, like wise if you want to get stuff in, it has to go though the same procedure. Anyway getting back to this superb variety, wish I'd have raised it. Wonder what he used to get it? Could it be Yvonne?

    On the origin of the prefix: Neville W Naumann. AUS. Bracken. Lived in Bracken Ridge, Queensland, Australia.

    Quotes from an Aussie publication: The Special Class was a real feature with Bracken Sarah showing all its variations of colour and size.

    There were some very interesting sessions eg. “Hand Pollinating” by Neville Naumann – breeder of the Bracken Dahlias, Colin Campbell from the ABC Gardening Australia television program, Malcolm Balch’s “Memorable trip” from Stanthorpe Queensland to Berri South Australia with Dahlias.

    From the Winkie site:
    Bracken Sarah
    One of the most consistent winners on the bench in all states. The Autumn blend can vary a little in colour depending on your location. Very reliable.

    And finally:
    Bracken Palomino is listed as 2004 in ADS Classification book and Bracken Sarah as 2007.

    So, Bracken Sarah can have color variations and does that mean that one was named Palomino and is a sport? Or is it the opposite because it looks like Palomino was introduced first and maybe it sported to Sarah. Or, since Mr Naumann was hand cross breeder, he had several similar looking seedlings? Perhaps CC will post this inquiry to Stephen Cox's(an Aussie who has visited the USA several times) Facebook page and I bet he knows the answer.


  • slabell

    Good day, fellow dahlia lovers! I would like to acquire a dozen or so Bracken Rose dahlia tubers, which I understand were hybridized by Neville Naumann in Queensland, Australia. I live in the U.S. and they appear to be very rare. Can anyone recommend a source in Australia where I can purchase them and have them shipped from Australia? Thanks so much!

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