Best quality flooring options for lowest maintenance

Sandra Branch
5 years ago

I have replaced the flooring in the main floor of my house twice. First was wood floors my contractor did not cure, so it expanded and left big gaps over and over. I replaced that with chiseled/honed travertine and am replacing that this summer. The grout lines were huge and light colored and have been a maintenance nightmare. I need to replace this floor with the highest quality look with the lowest maintenance. Should I go with an engineered wood or the porcelain tiles that look like wood. My designer seems to not think engineered wood is the best idea (although I have neighbors that really like it). We have a 23 year old house we built, and it is a mountain home that I have been trying to turn as contemporary as possible (without redoing all major components of the decor)

I need advice as to which flooring would look quality and be the best for maintenance. Live in the Colorado foothills (mother nature is constantly a factor) and have dogs that come in the house occasionally.

Cannot afford to make another mistake on my flooring. Its about 800 sq.ft. PLEASE help with suggestions!!!

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