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How Often Do You Rotate Your Mattress?

Soft-tex International
August 26, 2016

Care and maintenance is important in order to keep a mattress clean and durable for years to come. One recommended tip to preserving an even surface is to rotate a mattress. How often do you flip your mattress?

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Every 3 Months
Once a Year
Every Few Years
Comments (9)
  • PRO
    The Joshua Tree Vanities

    Voted: Once a Year,

    ...Wow... who voted for "Never"???

    Soft-tex International thanked The Joshua Tree Vanities
  • ninigret

    the honest person... hahahaha.

    the problem with pillow top mattresses is they cannot be flipped. and actually no matter which way you rotate the mattress, your tush ends up in the same spot so its not making a lot of difference.

    we rotate 2x a year. spring and fall, along with the smoke detector batteries.

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  • resist9

    Many modern mattresses have a specific top and bottom and should not be flipped. Not sure what the creator this poll is selling.

  • Belahn

    Yeah, the newer ones don't flip. You just move the head to the foot. It seems kind of pointless to me but I do it twice a year.

  • PRO
    Toms Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

    It actually depends upon your mattress if it is double side and then you can flip it in a week or a month but you have to clean it regularly to remove dust. or Call expert for mattress cleaning and sanitizing.

  • teamaltese
    We have a memory foam mattress, it doesn’t get flipped. And it weighs a ton, so it doesn’t get turned. I imagine the mattresses for beds that change head positions don’t get flipped or turned either.
  • chiflipper

    My preference is a "padded rock". The 200 lb. Wolfhound sleeps on it during the day (and at night when he can get away with it), so I buy new every five years.

  • PRO
    Norwood Architects

    Actually we do it every two weeks.

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