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Bosch 800 Gas slide in range

September 16, 2016

It says the cut out is 30"w and the width of the range is 31.25". Does the cooktop part of the range sit on the counter? Is this a crumb catcher? Thanks!

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  • DIY2Much2Do

    We have this range. Yes, the cooktop is wider than the main unit, and overlaps the counter. If installed at the correct height, it fits tightly to the counter and is not a crumb catcher. There is a foam gasket under the metal edge. Very happy with it.

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  • Anne Duke
    @DIY2Much2Do, are you still happy with your Bosch range? If so, is there anything specific you particularly like or dislike?
  • DIY2Much2Do

    Yes, still like it! I’d buy it again.

    Specific Likes:

    - Burner layout. My most used, highest output burners are the center and two front burners. My former KitchenAid range had the powerful burners on the back which was less convenient.

    - Five pans can fit at once, though I rarely do that.

    - I like that the cast iron grates are in three pieces. A lot of ranges just have two. With three, each piece is smaller and a little easier to move around for cleaning.

    - I very much like the stainless surface surrounding the burners, and find it easier to keep clean than more typical black porcelain tops.

    - I like the overlap of the cooktop on the counter. No gap for stuff to fall into.

    - Oven: The oven goes up to 550°, which I use for making pizza. Or very low, which I use for proofing dough. The bottom drawer is a warming drawer, though I haven’t used it much. Convection seems to work fine.

    Dislikes: Nothing significant. I occasionally lean into the center touch panel and cause something to beep. And cleaning any greasy gas stove top is never fun. I'd consider induction next time just for the easier cleaning.

  • Anne Duke
    Thank you so much for responding, and in such detail. Your comments are very relevant to me and how I cook these days. Front high output, three section grates and good high temp for pizza. I, too, would love induction, but I don’t think I’m willing to pay for the electrical upgrade in this home. So, thanks again for answering my inquiry.

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