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Need help id this apple

October 2, 2016
last modified: October 2, 2016

Hello all. I found an old apple tree on the side of a boulevard yesterday. Seems like someone planted it along with some crabapple trees. I picked one apple of the ground and it was the best apple I ever ate...I would love to buy a tree of the same variety (on Bud 9). If I can't figure out what it is, I'll try grafting on my own trees.

Anyway, here is the description:

Size: mid-large (about the size of a big yellow delicious)

Form: A bit ribbed (not much)

Color or the skin: mostly yellow, little red (dark pink) blush, slight russeting (some lines)

Texture of skin: Bumpy lenticels, rough (not appealing!!), no sign of scab

Color of flesh: light cream

Texture: Firm, crunchy, not too dry, but definetly not juicy

Taste: Sweet, a bit acidic and fruityyyyy! (How to describe... tastes like a yellow delicious, kind of babana"ish"/ Juicy Fruit"ish", with better acid balance)

Tree: Healthy looking (good disease resistance?)

Zone: 4b

I thought it might be Tolman sweet, but descriptions I read mentionned "little acidity" (the one I tasted had more than just "little") and all the pictures I've seen show smaller and better looking versions of what I found. Still... might be Tolman sweet on a good year... What are your thoughts?

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