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Family room color

Karen Marquis
January 8, 2017
I don't know what to do with this family room. It just seems so flat to me. I love the navy wall. I'd love to paint the rest of it navy but I'm afraid it will be too dark. The tv is so huge. I was thinking of maybe doing board and batten base and doing the top all navy.

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  • Bailey R

    I know navy is "trendy "now but painting the whole room in navy? Would be too dark for me but I'm a "lighter is more " type . I could see all navy in a study or powder room , something like that. I'm sure this "navy" trend will go the way of painting rooms in dark red that was popular quite a few years ago.

  • Karen Marquis
    I'm ok with something being trendy and then changing it when it's not appealing anymore. If I used that mentality I'd still be wearing my chunky steve madden loafers from 1998. For now, I love navy. I've actually always loved Navy. It's a dark color without being too serious. It feels like a great pair of jeans to me that you could wear with anything. I just want to understand how the pros know when painting a room dark is a good moody cozy thing and when it's a design disaster. I've started to get a lot of accent walls going on so I'm trying to find a way to make it more cohesive.
  • jck910

    I have a navy DR love it. You have a light floor, furniture and white trim so go for it. It is only paint and can be changed. Get a wider console for TV (at least 25% wider). The right size console will also take away for the largeness of the TV. It is all about balance. And all colors "go away" at some point. I am a product of the 90's mauve, burgundy, dark green era wouldn't use it now.

  • Dale Hadley

    I love the white fireplace against the navy. As stated before, it's only paint. uf you decide it's too much, tape it off and do your lower wall in white/off white. If you dont like that repaint the whole thing!!

  • Karen Marquis
    Thanks! I totally agree with the console. The thing we have going on there is a placeholder. I hate looking at it everyday! I'm thinking of going with a white floating console and I thought that would help. I could add some large bright artwork with picture lights, etc
  • haas1

    It seems that Tv is what is making you think of painting the room navy.If you put more substantial dark wood console under your Tv , it woud bring the eye to the floor.Or paint just area behind the tv navy ,creating large vertical stripe...and if you do not like that, paint whole Tv wall navy.

  • C F

    IMO the navy "accent wall" has actually just made the room look choppy and confused. The room is now totally weighted on the left side. I don't think board and batten will help at all.

    I agree with previous posters that top priorities are a console table/cabinet with some visual weight to it- preferably one with some storage in it since it seems you need it in this space. I don't think the floating one is the solution. Can the floor lamp that's tucked in the corner by itself go by the sectional or is that a problem due to lack of electrical outlet? For right now, you could even try both floor lamps framing the TV for some symmetry and balance. I think it's weird having the one off by his lonesome.

    Then I would actually do some companion art pieces on the vertical walls on either side of the fireplace and try no art-- just simple accessories on the mantel.

  • Karen Marquis
    Thank you CF! We just moved here about a year ago and we have 3 kids 5 and under so there are some things that are just stuck in places. The lamp is a leftover thing from our old apartment. I really appreciate your advice! Great suggestions.
  • Homebody

    I like it just the way it is.

  • Bailey R

    Well if you love navy go for it ! Btw.... Your shoe comment made me laugh since I was wearing a pair of Ferragamo shoes yesterday that I bought in 1999. Someone complimented me on them & I told them how old they were. They still make the same style today, classics never go out of style.

  • PRO
    Zoltan Construction LLC
    I think the colors you have are great. If u get a new furniture under the tv that has more width and dress it up with some art I think you will have a winning combo. I would definitely not paint the whole room navy, will be way too dark.
  • Karen Marquis
    Well good style never becomes dated! Steve Madden is no Ferragamo!
  • cathyhulbert
    If you are set on keeping the navy wall, how about doing a large solid console under the TV ( you could paint that navy). Then some drapes with a lot of navy in them to balance the room. Add some throw pillows in the same fabric.
  • Karen Marquis
    I suppose if there was a better color that would work in the whole room I would be open to it. I could get my navy fix in other ways. Any color/design suggestions are welcome.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Paint the wall behind TV navy. That will do it. Get a nice floor lamp with light shade for right corner near TV. the sectional swallows the space. Any chance you can replace with sofa of proper size and two swivel chairs?
  • C W
    I like the navy accent wall. Why don't you get floor to ceiling drapes with a navy pattern in them to balance out the other wall?
  • Tems

    I would combine suggestions in above comments and paint the tv wall navy and add drapes with navy in them. Seems you have good lighting in the room to not have it be too dark.

  • Karen Marquis
    I was also considering going with a lighter navy like Van Deusen Blue. Maybe SW Naval is too heavy

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