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Gallery wall with taxidermy?

10 years ago
About to move in to a new home. The living room has high, vaulted ceilings, plenty of light. Walls are in the process of getting painted right now, (Benjamin Moore iceberg). I have a wall which I'm planning on making a gallery wall. I've got a great mix of paintings, prints, and black/white photos that I would love to display, and I love the cluttered yet, not over whelming look of one wall with many works on it. BUT, I'm wondering if I could throw in a wild boar's head, or would that be too much?

I've attached a photo of what he looks like although this image is not of my particular boar. He takes up more wall space than a deer head but his neck is not as long. I've also attached an (outdated) photo of my other placement option, which would be above the fireplace.

I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or examples of taxidermy being incorperated into a gallery wall. Is this something that could be pulled off or just wishful thinking?

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