Soil Savy - test results help

Eric Gabriel
3 years ago

I've seen people posting Logan lab results, but is anyone able to help with Soil Savy results?

I submitted a soil sample to soil savvy lab and here are the results.

Illinois - 5b

This is newly planted seed (Oct 2016). Sunny grass mix: 50% of Kentucky Bluegrass, 30% turf-type perennial ryegrass and 20% fine fescue and has not seen any lawn care yet.

The results recommend a 16-16-16 Synthetic or a 5-5-5 organic.

I am not exactly sure where to start to find those. A few quick searches turned up nothing on those exact values. The lawn is 15,000 square feet, so price per bag and shipping prices also need to take into consideration.

I'm going to hold off on the pre-e for this first season, so looking for recommendations on next steps with these results.

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