Double Towel Bar - so inconvenient

Julie Sonenberg
August 11, 2017

Hey there,

We just renovated our bathroom. We don't have a ton of wall space. We use bath sheets, not towels, so one towel bar isn't really enough for the two towels (if they both need to dry). So we got a 25" double towel bar. But it's so inconvenient to hang towels onto (especially the back one). Has anyone dealt with this? What about hanging two single 18" towel bars that are not aligned (like the end of one would be half way the width of the other)? Is that a thing? Should we do hooks? It seems like the towels will always stay a little moist on hooks. And it will look messy. This is really the only spot we have for towels. Advice?


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  • wacokid

    Do you have space for a towel rack behind the door? I don't like hooks either, the towel never dries and usually falls off....

  • pennydesign

    At one time, six of us were living in a one bathroom house. I used hooks and sewed tabs onto the towels.

    I have rarely seen a double towel rail that I like. I think towels are more likely to stay wet, plus the length never seems to work with the towels I buy...

    Do you have room for a swivel towel rail? Or a heated rail?

  • lefty47

    HI -- Just how wide is the wall space ? Can you or do you have room for one very long towel bar that is the length of the wall ? You could use a curtain rod or a decorative door pull or a thick wood dowel . And have it just above the wainscoting or add some trim board along the top of the wainscoting for the dowel or bar to attach to . Paint it all to match .

  • armchairshopper

    I use an electric towel warmer and drying rack. You can find them online for $50 and up. I enjoy the warm towels, and they dry faster due to the heat.

  • della70

    Saw somewhere that hooks are "in" and maybe that would work for you.

  • functionthenlook

    Put one towel bar as low as you can put it and one as high as the tallest person can reach.

  • pat1250
    The double bar that you have is far more efficient for helping the towels to dry as opposed to hooks for hanging towels to dry.
    Personal experience.
  • armchairshopper

    Here's an electric heated towel rack from Houzz. It's on sale for $49.95.

    Tahoe Electric Towel Rack · More Info

  • PRO
    ReMax - Lisa
    I have used hooks in our bathrooms for 30+ years. Got tired of them never being hung straight, with 3 kids. Ours are always dry by the time we have our next shower, the next day. I can't imagine the air flow would be enough to dry 2 thick towels hung so close to each over on the double rack, unless it was over the heating vent. There is such a great selection of decorative hooks, you can make it look like art!
  • grapefruit1_ar

    We have that same double towel bar. It is used to hold the dry towel for each day. Our towels get used one time and then get hung up until I put them into the laundry basket. I then replace it with the fresh towel.

  • Jan
    We use bath sheets also and find hooks are better.
  • Porter Edun

    Agree with the hooks... just make sure they protrude enough to hold the towel!

  • einportlandor

    Since my bathroom is tiny I opted for hooks. Love them. Towels dry quickly. Maybe you can put a hook on the back of the door and see if it works for you.

  • tallgrassdesign
    We use bath sheets too. One person gets the towel bar, and the other gets a hook on the back of the door. I've used a large Command hook for ages and it works just fine. The towel on the hook is dry in just a few hours.
  • mrykbee
    I like to straddle bath sheets over two hooks.
  • Melissa R

    Another vote for hooks. Try those removable command hooks to see if you like, before you drill into a wall.

  • ninigret

    we have hooks and love them. thinner towels may need a bit of a 'collar fold' at the top to stay on the hook, but they still dry fine, as the edge of the center of the towel is rarely wet anyway.

  • Susan
    I use bath sheets and hooks. Quite happy. Work much better than the one towel bar we also have.
  • starcitylady72

    We have two 18in bars on the back of the door, one at the top and one about halfway. Bath sheets can't be tossed over them haphazardly because they will get caught under the door. But if we fold them nice and neat, it works fine. Our door also happens to be right beside the shower, so it works perfectly for us.

  • keepitcheap

    Try hooks. That's what we did for our extremely tight bathroom and it works so much better than towel bars ever have and we have BIG towels (I think they're called bath sheets and are like a beach towel size). Be selective with the hooks you get though. We found the kind with decorative balls on the end did not actually hold towels, they slid right off! Get ones with an unadorned hook. Have not had any issues with them not drying or getting musty. There are also many cute styles with hooks there is not with bars. We found hand crafted ones on Etsy that are amazing and very custom looking even though we have a very budget bathroom.

  • spraguec
    Add hooks behind the door (make sure they are large, protruding hooks). Hooks dry much faster than hanging on bars.
    Also, you can install a full rod behind your shower curtain (if you have one) and drape your towels there as well.
  • ninigret

    lastly.... if you have trouble with towels drying, remove them from the bathroom after showering, hang them on a hook on the back of the bedroom door. especially true for 'family bathrooms' with multiple people showering at various times of day, the bathroom never dries.

    our guest bathroom at our vacation home lacks a window, and while the vent fan on timer works well, it simply cant dry 5 towels. everyone takes their towel back to their room, hangs on the back of the door (or the front of the door if the weather is reallllly soupy) and the bathroom is 1. dry in 10 min 2. the next person doesnt have to wade through a sea of damp towels hanging on hooks.

  • mrykbee

    ^^^^Ha ha, we just throw them over the 2nd floor bannister/railing for a while if it gets to be too much. They actually dry best there than in any room.

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