Terrible Experience with Caesarstone

3 years ago

I have Caesarstone counters in other properties and have been happy with them. Unfortunately, my most recent experience has been a nightmare. I had Caesarstone counters installed in a new kitchen and chose Rugged Concrete (4033), which is a new product from Caesarstone. Although the product looks very cool as it mimics concrete, it does not function practically as a kitchen counter. Every little grease mark, including fingerprints or anywhere you place a dish is extremely visible and very difficult to clean. If you place a wine glass, you need to scrub the counter with Vim to remove the ring. When I complained to Caesarstone, they sent a technician who advised that it was necessary to frequently clean the counters with Vim and a specific acetone (nail polish remover) from Shoppers Drug Mart. I am very unhappy with the counters and will not be keeping them. My fabricator offered to take care of the labour to replace them and when I asked Caesarstone to help by giving me the new material for cost, they said the best they could do was 10% off because the counter was not "deemed defective". They're customer service was also horrible to deal with (Diana and Ruta) and continually blamed me for not expecting the product would be like this. I did not ask Caesarstone to lose one penny to fix the situation, but they insisted on making a profit a second time on the same project.

The rings in the below photo are from a wine glass that had nothing but water on the base. The rings are dry and have already been wiped with warm soapy water.

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