Greenhouse heating at night

Nathanael Miller
2 years ago

I have a fairly large high sidewall hoop greenhouse (16' wide, 40' long). It has double layer, 6 mil poly and is inflated between the two layers with an inflation blower. I have been trying everything to get the greenhouse to hold in heat at night but it just wont. I've sealed all possible air escapes, I added a second layer of poly and inflated it, I have added lights inside that are pretty warm, I've basically done everything besides actually running heat to the house and it just still stays the same temp as the outdoor temp. What gives? I feel like I'm at my wits end. I thought at least I'd see some tiny bit of heat being kept in the greenhouse from what it holds during the day. Our lowes are in the low 40's high 30s, sometimes into the low 30s. Thanks for your help.

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