Lighting for Art Room

Steve Bloch
2 years ago

Hello! I have interesting back rooms. One room is lit by 6 angled recessed lights (lighting is fine) and directly next to it, with a shorter ceiling (~8ft), I would like to make into an art/craft room for the kids. The room is oddly shaped and there is currently a junction box where there was formally a table, not centered (previous people used the room as a breakfast nook). I am contemplating a few options.:

1. Pendant/semi-flush where the current junction box is with track lighting projected on the wall

2. Recessed lighting along the same lines as the hall recessed lighting (see pic) or recessed more central to that art room.

3. Larger semi-flush light at the junction box that is one of those ones that look like circuits with bulbs on the end. (I am not sure if this will clash with the rest of the back two rooms.