Updating "sad" room

We bought a new house and we are leaving the upstairs as is for a while (remodeling rest of the house immediately). My kids will be sleeping upstairs and two of the rooms are fairly normal and then there is this very sad room that will need to be the nursery. I think it was added on later since there is no hardwoods like the rest of the house. We will be replacing carpet (suggestions?) and painting.

Any suggestions for a (blakcout) window treatment? I was thinking a roman might work better in here vs standard curtains. This room along with the upstairs will most likely be painted a warm toned white. Room faces south but gets east and west sun as well.

The only thing I have purchased is a sheet and we already have a white crib, so I am not super limited on needed certain colors.

Also, sorry for weird typos, Houzz likes to eat my words.

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