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Anybody else sowing OLD seed?

February 20, 2018

I had to take about five years off of gardening. Yesterday I wintersowed seeds from 2010! We'll see how they do. I sowed them pretty thickly assuming germination wouldn't be great. I had calendulas and peas. Well, I'm glad those seeds are finally out of my gardening stash, at least! No sense to leave them in there year after year.

Comments (4)

  • PVick

    Hi Deanna!

    I have sown seeds as old as 25 years (I think). Got only a couple of sprouts, but hey - they sprouted. They were native herbs that I got from my grandmother.

    A few years ago, I sowed some 8-yr old tomato seeds that sprouted like gangbusters! Had way too many tomato plants that year!

    Like you, I've taken several years off from gardening, but plan to do a few containers this year. I'll be using old seeds - probably the "youngest" ones will be from 2011-12. I'm just going to sow them thickly too, and cross my fingers.

    I'm sure there are seeds that won't be viable past their year, ones that need to be sown fresh. There are sure to be some of those in my stash (I went seed-crazy for a lot of years), but I'm willing to take a chance with those too.

    Good luck to you and me!

  • deannatoby

    You win! That is awesome. Actually, good timing with the tomato germination results. I just ordered far too many tomato seeds from Johnny's (quality product) with the intention of planting them in later years, as well. It's nice to know they last a long time.

    I'll report which of my old seeds did well once they've germinated.

  • bella rosa

    Yes! All the time. I don't believe in tossing seeds away.

  • caryltoo Z7/SE PA

    I'll plant seeds till I run out. I've easily done tomatoes from 5 and 6 years past and had great results.

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