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Measuring electrical usage on dryer?

4 years ago

The electric bill in my nephew’s new house has been running high, and he’s a young kid on a tight budget, barely able to make his mortgage payment. He thinks the old dryer — or, he says, the old washer— in the house is part of the problem. He has learned (the hard way) that the auto shut-off on the dryer does not work, so he dried a load of jeans for 12 hours straight. After paying that bill, however, things didn’t improve hugely.

Is there anyway to put a Kill-A-Watt meter kind of thing on a dryer? Would it be safe to do? And really, there is no way it could be the washer, specifically, right? The water heater, perhaps, as the washer draws from it. But there’s nothing in a basic washer that could draw an inordinate amount of power, is there? No onboard heater, just a basic Roper-type washer. Honestly, I just think he’s running his thermostat too high, but he seems convinced otherwise. Thanks for any advice.

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