Colocasia? Alocasia? Help appreciated : )

Jay B.
2 years ago

Hi folks,

Perhaps someone with greater expertise than me can help ID this tropical plant?

Here are all the clues I can muster:

a) The height averages around 3 feet, full-grown. The leaves are circular, and do not exceed 6-7 inches in diameter.

b) I have seen this plant grown in water (rooted in soil), as a pond ornamental. Hence it’s probably a marshland plant in its original habitat, perhaps from SE Asia (not sure).

c) The fleshy stems closely resemble those of elephant ear plants, and emit a pungent but pleasant odor when cut (a sharp, fruity scent.)

Its aquatic tolerance and stems make me lean towards it being some kind of Colocasia / Alocasia / Xanthosoma, or near relative?

(The photo angle may be misleading, it’s not the Colocasia species known as “tea cup”, as it’s smaller and uniformly green and the leaves are not ruffled.)

Any thoughts?

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