elderberry care

This elderberry bush looks like its wilting and leaves are curling... is there anything I can do to make it look lush and healthy? We are in zone 6b and it gets about 6 hrs of sun.

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  • party_music50
    2 years ago

    Did you recently plant it? It looks awfully yellow.... like it needs fertilizer.

  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK
    2 years ago

    Looks like it needs water before it needs feeding. Is it a yellow leaved cultivar? Eg 'Aurea'

  • Gred
    2 years ago

    Elderberry are hardy and durable plants. It will bounce back if left alone and allowed to acclimate to its new environment. You shouldn't expect fruit this first season, but next it should produce a few small bunches.

  • garymc
    2 years ago

    Did it ever perk up?

  • Cynthia Timmermeyer
    Original Author
    2 years ago
    garymc... it sure did! I honestly thought I killed it! I just left it alone for a few days and sure enough it perked right up!
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