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Need help with dahlias

I bought a few dahlia plants and I'm getting ready to plant them but I'm unsure of a couple things.

Does the dahlia plant end up spreading over the top of the soil? Like, should I leave room around the dahlia to grow into the pot?

In a container do you usually pot them alone or with a companion? What companion plant has worked for you?

I dont have the labels right here but here's my pics... One larger purple/white and 2 smaller (orange and white/pink).

I would love to use these two planters for the smaller ones but let me know if the size is no good. And how much bigger should i go when I pot the larger one?

Any ideas?

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  • clairegrosh

    I hope you get some feedback soon from a more experienced grower. I only have a year's experience with dahlias.

    I think those pots are about the right size for the plants you have. Something a bit shorter might be a bit more proportional to the size of the plants you have, though, since I don't believe that the ones you have will grow all that much more in terms of height. I *think* those are bedding-type dahlias that are bred to stay small. The fact that they are flowering already at that size also makes me think that they are at about their maximum height.

    I wouldn't add any other plants as companions in those pots, but that's just me. I have a hard enough time keeping my dahlias watered adequately when they're planted in the ground, so I would think they'd want all possible pot soil volume to themselves, for water and nutrients.

    Good luck! They are really pretty.

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