Zone denial — year 8!

Many thanks for the kind thoughts expressed for my unwilling subjects in my multi-year experiment in Northern Alberta. The greatest surprises have been from the true survivors from the southern US, all of which have rare, localized native populations. It leads me to believe that they once had much, much wider ranges and their current ‘hardiness ratings’ are assumptions not generally backed up by actual trials. This year’s gallery:

Cladrastis kentuckea (virgilia). Grade: Marginal. Rated to zone 6, but semi-hardy to zone 2b (some winterkill).

Year 6! It was actually much taller and more impressive until the deer visited yesterday. WHY??? (dramatic sob)

Aralia spinosa, year 6. grade: pass! Rated to zone 4 or 4b, but hardy with no winterkill to zone 2b. I should surround my strawberries with this! Some bug (what???) likes its leaves.

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