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Geowood Floors. Pros and cons?

MoNika Sauber
June 13, 2018
last modified: June 13, 2018

We are looking to replace engineered hardwoods in our kitchen, living room and foyer (about 800sf). We want to stay with a wood type of material and my husband really like the idea of bamboo. We have a dog and 3 kids, so needs to be durable - are previous floor did scratch but wasn't extremely noticeable. We would like it relatively water resistant as well (able to hold up to small spills in the kitchen). We are really considering the Calibamboo Geowood. Has anyone used it? Pros and cons?

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  • suseyb

    We had bamboo in our previous home. We have a bunch of children, but no pets. It still got scratched. When it scratched, it showed white underneath even though the top color was not white. The bamboo layer on the geowood is the same as the bamboo I had. It's the middle that is supposed to be better. It seems very durable, but not many people have installed it. I expect that the cupping issues many have had with bamboo will be resolved with the geowood. We're putting vinyl plank in this house, but if I had the $, I would put in tile. Tile is the most durable product, especially with kids/dogs/etc.

  • PRO
    Cali Bamboo

    Hi MoNika!

    Thanks for your interest in our product. We're currently trying to bring a few other customers who have installed GeoWood into this conversation so they can share their experience with you. In an effort to not just give you a marketing spiel, we recommend (if you haven't already done so) ordering a few GeoWood samples and doing some scratch and water tests on them at home. We're confident the scratch-resistant finish and that super sturdy GeoCore foundation will hold up, but you'll be the best judge!

    Of course, you can always read more at the GeoWood site, and please let us know if you have any questions.

    Best of luck!

  • Chris Hunsaker
    We just installed Calibamboo Antique iron Geowood in our kitchen , entry and 3 bathrooms this week! We loved it so much I called and ordered another 600sq feet to finish our first floor! It’s amazing. Go with the Calicomplete backing. We have a 90lb chocolate lab and it’s super durable and rock hard! I can’t recommend it highly enough
  • jasmine1407

    Any pics ?

  • white kitchen

    Anyone else have Geowood. Haven’t found any reviews yet?

  • April Steele

    Been looking at Calibamboo and Geowood and looking for more reviews too. To White Kitchen above, on the Calibamboo website there is a reviewer with a picture of Antique Iron on their kitchen floor. It does look good.

  • PRO
    Oak & Broad

    suseyb , if the floor you had was finished with Aluminum Oxide that may be the reason for the white scratches.

  • April Steele

    @Chris Hunsaker - how is it holding up for you? Do you have any pictures to share?

  • suseyb

    It was Cali Bamboo. I have no idea anymore what it was finished with. I have read about a class action lawsuit due to the scratching. We just covered up the scratching or ignored it. But people should know that it's a possibility with this floor. Hardness rating does not equal impossible to scratch. It just means it won't dent.

  • PRO
    Oak & Broad

    Thats a very good point.

  • Amy Wallace

    I am having Geowood Canyon Oak installed now and so far we love it! Contractor thinks the product is great. I will share pictures in about a week.

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