Review response

Sue, it's a shame that you would take to the internet again to try and slander and belittle our company. Especially, after you begged us to come back after you did it the first time. We hooked you up with a suggested a public adjuster which was able to get tens of thousands of dollars more than you were going to have to put your home back together. We also got a certificate of mold damage remediation from a Texas license mold inspector which whether you'll admit it or not, you will thank me for when you go to sell your home or refinance. The work we did in your home when it was finished, was top notch. I have videos, pictures, and recordings to back up everything I claim. We constantly had to deal with someone living in the home who chose to do drugs, nearly burned the house down, and consistently damaged your things and blamed us for that. We were nice enough to bring him Christmas dinner a Christmas gift and to use one of our propane heaters throughout the winter to keep him warm.We also dealt with you using funds allocated for the project to finance your personal expenses which isn't supposed to be done. Continual delays in payments (weeks at a time) having to re-prep work continually due to partying, delayed start times because residents were sleeping in common areas naked, drug paraphernalia left out retreiving tools that were used without asking or returning them and cleaning over spray constant off of tools left in the garage. Our project was on budget. We never once asked for more money to finish any stage. Our employees left areas clean and organized. The property was always secured and locked when we left.
We have continually tried to stay professional, keep quiet and move forward regardless of the fact you owe us money. It is clear that you cannot and will not let it stand. Your knowing deception to secure funds, continual sabotaging of our work, willingness to use funds allocated for repairs on your personal expenses, and trying to use slander to defend yourself and smear us in public forums is beyond unexcusable, Then even going so far as to question our faith!?
We did and will always do a great job at a fair price. You're currently in breach of contract and it will be dealt with. In the meantime, we will stand on our real and Excellent 5 star reviews, our letters of recommendation, pictures, videos and testimonies as to our quality of work and craftsmanship.


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