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What size pendants for a 10 ft kitchen island?

mike mixer
July 28, 2018

I am looking at the Hudson Valley Glendale pendant. It comes in 3 sizes. What size would you recommend for a 10ft island using 2 pendants? I want a oversize look but not too big.

Large 20.25" width x 38.25" height

Medium 16.25" width x 30" height

Small 12.25" width x 24.75 height

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  • dan1888

    This calls for full scale models. And it's easy for these because of their design. Two 3D cubes in the largest size to start. Then view from all points where they'll be visible. You've got 84" to work with.

    mike mixer thanked dan1888
  • Jillius

    How tall is the ceiling?

    mike mixer thanked Jillius
  • PRO
    ASSUMING a nine foot ceiling ? These are not for you unless you do three small!....... Why? With the medium @ 16 x 30. With both BOXES set in 24 inches from island ends, you will have 40 inches between the glass on the two when hanging, and 24 inches from glass to counter end on both ENDS of counter top. Great! But due to fixture height of 30", you will see NO chain if as you need a 36" clearance bottom of fixture to counter top, and the canopy on the fixture is 6" ! There's your 108!

    You'd be far better off with THREE of the small. Or a ten foot ceiling. Or..........a different selection altogether.

    You don't need full scale models......it's math. If it's a remodel with an eight foot ceiling the answer is NO to the fixture. Period.

    mike mixer thanked JAN MOYER
  • mike mixer

    Thank you so much! The ceiling is 10ft.

  • PRO

    So TWO in medium and you're good to go!

    mike mixer thanked JAN MOYER
  • mike mixer

    Thank you so much Jan!!

  • PRO

    You're welcome and set the elec. BOXES 30 inches in from the ends of counter. My cofee must not have licked in this am.....

  • swingrove85
    I am considering be same pendants and have similar dimensions to you. 10 ft ceilings and island is 9 ft x 4’3”. If you decided to use them do you mind posting a picture once they’re up?

  • Jared Cameron
    Jan, I’m considering the same lights but with a 9’ ceiling and 9’ island. Would 2 mediums work? Or would I need smalls?

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