Do I need further aeration?

2 years ago

We put in a small koi pond over 20 years ago with minimal information and minimal ‘everything’, and now (in a new location/home) we are in the process of building another small goldfish pond, about 700 gallons, 5 x 7 irregular shape, 3 feet at the deepest point, with a shelf at one end. We hope this one will be easier to care for!

Thus far we have purchased and plan to install:

  • 45 ml Lifeguard pond liner, with Geotech (I know, I know, but we want it to last!)
  • Aqua Ultima II - Pressurized Bead Filter rated for 1,000 gallon ponds
  • UltraKlear 1000 UV Clarifier (this we plan to install after the filtration rather than in front of it).
  • External water pump, 3,325 GPH Max flow rate.
  • Skimmer w/filter
  • In ground bottom drain (non-aerated)

Additionally, we intend to use a water fountain statue which will have a single stream from it into the pond on one edge, plus incorporate 1-2 very small waterfalls. We do not plan to plant or put any fish in until next spring (also remodeling so too much going on). Eventually, I do intent to plant perhaps one water lily, some submerged, marginals for the small shelf, and some floating plants while waiting on the water lily. Perhaps 4-5 goldfish (no koi this time, had some shubunkins I liked so probably those) increasing to maybe 8-10 in time. The pond will have full sun for several years, after which it will be somewhat shaded in the summer. We live in Zone 7.

I’m thinking we need to incorporate some additional aeration/oxygen for the fish. Anyone have suggestions on something relatively non-expensive (we are a tad over-budget on this project). I’d rather not connect it to the external pump as the pump is to be situated further from the pond. We do have an outlet installed already at the pond.

I was thinking of something along the lines of this Airmax PondAir 2 Aeration Kit.

Sorry, no photos, it’s “in progress” as we have time! Any advice or help is appreciated.

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