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Brown Turkey Fruit Too Late.

August 18, 2018
last modified: August 18, 2018

I am new to figs but read some stuff here and elsewhere about them last and early this year. I am in zone 7b and usually get a freeze before November. I got a Brown Turkey fig a couple years ago. I planted it in ground. It gets almost full sun. The first year, it died back, so last year I wrapped it in bubble wrap and card board and saved lots of 4 foot branches. Both first year and this year I got perhaps 4 to 6 (what I now assume are the early 'crop') figs. I just picked my first ripe one last week but still didn't see any new fig development although I could see a bunch of little undeveloped double buds that I assumed or hoped were indications of future figs. However, today (Aug 18th) I see a whole bunch of tiny figs that must be less than five days old.

Without really understanding the reasoning, I did pinch off most secondary growth to five or six leaf lengths. I assume it was supposed to encourage fruiting. I haven't looked closely enough to see if the few longer branchlets have any figs developing. Anyway, if I get a freeze on Nov 1, that would only be 75 days or so and I gather the figs need more like 90 days. I am at least happy that I finally see figlets; I was wondering if there weren't going to be any figs at all. Since I read that figs develop in June, what did I do wrong so that they didn't start until mid August?

Comment (1)

  • susieqz

    the plant is young. since you protected your tree, you did fine.


    you will find that every year that the top doesn;t die back, figs will set n ripen earlier.

    i notice my mount etnas ripen a full month earlier in their forth summer inground

    chas045 thanked susieqz

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