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Can anyone identify this JM?

October 9, 2018

This tree came with our new house. I have tried to identify it using the Vertrees handbook but it can be a little overwhelming. Any ideas on what it may be?

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  • stuartlawrence (7b L.I. NY)

    Do you know what the colors of the leaves are during the spring and summer?

  • Brad

    We moved in around the first of July and the leaves were a mixture of dark purple and green. You can still see faint traces of purple in the close up. And yes, there is now highlights of yellow.

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    With almost 1000 registered cultivars and with differences between them sometimes very subtle, unless there are obvious distinctions, ID'ing a specific cultivar of JM is almost impossible. And there are countless seeding trees around and they can produce widely varying appearances as well but they are never considered a named variety....only the straight species Acer palmatum.

    One of my favored sources once had this vital piece of info on their website FAQ - it should be required reading for any JM aficionado :-)

    "There are things that are absolute in life such as death and taxes.
    Unfortunately being able to visually identify a specific Japanese maple
    cultivar with 100% certainty isn’t one of them. There are several
    reasons for this. First, your tree may be seed-grown guaranteeing that
    it is not a named cultivar. Many older trees that may have been grafted
    lose there graft “markings so it is impossible to tell whether they are
    seed grown or not. Second, many Japanese maples are similar to each
    other in color, leaf type and many other visible ways. The actual
    differences in many cultivars can be very subtle. Even with the ones
    that are VERY distinctive you cannot guarantee an ID although you could
    give a “likely” ID. There are also many differences brought about by
    environmental conditions that could also make the actual subtle
    differences in appearance even more obscure. Finally, the number of
    different cultivars that have been produced over the years is
    astonishing and may possibly number a thousand. A person would be hard
    pressed to know all of them in any intimate way. In my opinion it be
    unethical for even the most expert old-time Japanese maple grower or
    even J.D. Vertrees himself to give a 100% guaranteed ID on any Japanese

  • val rie (7a)

    I would say a green Japanese Maple, named officially Acer Palmatum. Don't take my word for it.

  • stuartlawrence (7b L.I. NY)

    Val rie, that's what I thought at first too but Brad said the leaves in July were purplish.

  • val rie (7a)

    So some kind of red leaf japanese maple then? I think I'm having the same debate about the tree I just brought home. This video is quite related green, purple, red on japanese red maples

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