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Tuber storage question

October 17, 2018

I dug my tubers, washed them, and then put them upside down to dry in the garage. I was wondering how dry the tubers themselves should be when you put them away? Some of the tubers feel dry to the touch, but I noticed that they still respond to a gentle squeeze. I wouldn't describe them as squishy but they are not completely hard. Should they be dry and hard or no?

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  • linaria_gw

    I store Dahlias for some years now

    I think the skin needs to be dry

    and all nooks and crannies of whole clumps

    SOme of mine sometimes kind of shrivel somewhat so they feel elastic/rubber like.

    I would say a little bit of softness is ok in recently dug tubers.

    did you divide them?

    and another tricky thing is the actual storing, temperature, air etc,

    best of luck,

    bye, Lin

    popmama thanked linaria_gw
  • popmama

    Thank you, Lin! That makes me fee la little better. No I did not divide them. I just dug the entire tuber clump, washed it, dried it. They are now in a box with wood chips. I am hoping I get it right this year.

  • mainegirl04103

    Has anyone stored tubers in plastic buckets filled with peat moss or vermiculite? Lid loosely placed on. I don't have any cardboard boxes handy. Will be trying plastic wrap method too. Trying to increase my odds! Thank you.


  • linaria_gw

    Some serious grower use vermiculite, as long as no tuber dies in it over winter you can reuse it.

    and in case that rot starts it seems to spread slower in the mineral stuff.

    the bucket thing could work, it really depends on your "climate", humidity, temperature etc.

    and eith the wrapping I heard either glowing succes stories or slimy clumps of falure, nothing in between....

    popmama thanked linaria_gw
  • mainegirl04103

    Thank you! I'm trying two storage techniques. Keeping fingers crossed but I suspect I'll be treating them as annuals and buying a few every season.

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