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April Dawn progress

Pv Picotte
October 28, 2018

Here is today's picture of the camellia I planted earlier this year. Now it just has to get through a zone 6a winter. Hope it's not as bad as last winter but the weather is pretty crazy anymore so who knows... Looks pretty healthy and happy right now. At least 3 or 4 buds --

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  • enith

    Nice and healthy looking plant, Pv Picotee. And 'April Dawn' is one of my favorites. I hope it will survive the winter. You are at the coldest end for what Camellias can take. Good choice on April series, these are considered some of the hardiest Camellias out there. Don't forget to post pictures of the blooms when they open in spring.

    Pv Picotte thanked enith
  • Pv Picotte

    Yes, agree with cold zone info. It is in a sheltered spot and I am going to protect it further with a wrap around of some kind. I was raised with camellias in Calif and I have been trying for years to grow them back here. I did manage to get a few years of blooms - inside - of Yuletide. I would put it out in the temperate seasons and bring it in for cooler times. Got about 3 years doing that -- can't remember what happened as it was a bunch of years ago. Hopefully I will have April Dawn blooms to show off! Thanks.

  • luis_pr

    Looks healthy, indeed. Hope the flower buds make it. Keep us updated of its progress.

    I am wondering... will there be some leaf loss in your zone if the plant is left outside? Do you know of anyone else growing camellias near you?

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  • Pv Picotte

    Luis - I sure hope the buds make it - Absolutely no one near me is growing this plant. I am the only crazy one that keeps trying year after year. I don't have any burlap so I have cut the top and bottom off a pillow case and I am going to cover it b/f the winter winds whip up - hope that will help. I am going to erect a little mesh fence around it and pull the pillow case down over that. I will hopefully have some picts but Mother Nature will no doubt have some say over that possibility. Thanks again.

  • luis_pr

    " Mother Nature will no doubt have some say"

    Hee, hee, hee. She always does!

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