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which do you prefer?

Pat Reddrick
October 29, 2018
I recently added the beige background rug to my living area. Now I am thinking the red rug might have been better. What do you think?
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  • cpaul1

    Definitely not the red rug, that is way too much color. I can't tell if that is a picture of your couch or your love seat, but if that is your couch then the rug is going in the wrong direction. If that's a picture of your love seat, then the area rug needs to be positioned so that both the feet of the love seat and the couch are more on the rug.

  • suezbell

    Like the beige rug much better -- red one is too "busy".

  • Pat Reddrick
    Cpaul, that is my sofa. My room is too narrow to turn the rug. Here are pictures of whole room. Some have old coffee table and rug. Thank you.
  • suezbell

    Nice space. Cute pooch, too.

  • Pat Reddrick
    We love our Dolly Parton.
  • loobab

    The red rug is not too busy, and not too much color either.

    Both rugs are beautiful, it is just a matter of which you prefer.

    You can always keep both, and use the red one in the fall and winter when you want a warmer feel to the room.

    Switch to the lighter rug for the spring and summer, and then also switch out your throw pillow covers for ones that have predominantly greens and teals like the colors in the lighter rug.

  • Pat Reddrick
    I think I will get the red rug too. Our breakfast area adjoins the family room and the rug there has seen better days.
    I found these 8 x10 Ralph Lauren rugs at T J Max for $299 each.
    Quite a bargain I thought.
  • loobab

    What is the rug made of?

    Is it machine woven or hand-knotted?

    If it is wool, hand-knotted, you have yourself a fantastic deal!

    Is that a tortoise shell on the wall next to the window?

  • tatts

    The beige is better. It's one of those obviously fake aged rugs, but the fakeness is less obvious on that one than the red one.

    I'd buy a real rug and let friends and family age it over time. That's how it should be done.

  • Pat Reddrick

    Machine made and some kind of synthetic, I think but feels quite plush and wool-like. Made in Turkey. There are some more on overstock but not at this price. I think everyone shopping here wants a grey rug but I don’t!

  • Pat Reddrick
    Loo about, that is a glass tortoise bowl, Veitri, I believe. I thought it would make a good wall hanging.
  • Pat Reddrick
    Tatts, I am 74 and it’s just my husband, dog and me. Doubt we have time to age a rug.
  • loobab

    Well, they are beautiful, and a great buy.

    Pat you have a great eye.

    The bowl is beautiful as is the Asian scroll.

    (But a bowl, boy are my eyes terrible!)

    What other interesting goodies do you have in your home to share with us?

    What is that animal on your coffee table in the first picture?

    Pat Reddrick thanked loobab
  • tatts

    The bigger question is: Did that little dog kill that rabbit (or whatever that thing is sprawled out on the coffee table)? Or are they both dead?

    I had originally only looked at the rugs. But now as I look again, that is one very disturbing object on the coffee table, and I can't figure it out. Eek!

  • junco East Georgia zone 8a

    I agree with loobab, both are beautiful. Good choices!

    Pat Reddrick thanked junco East Georgia zone 8a
  • loobab

    What a city slicker!

    I think it's a fawn and I think it's sleeping, not dead.

  • tatts

    City slicker?

    That may be. But I have seen A Midsummer Night's Dream performed, so I know that's not what a fawn looks like. Sheesh!

  • Pat Reddrick
    That dead animal is a Lladro fawn. It used to sit on the floor by the fireplace but moved to the coffee table when we got Dolly. My husband’s parents lived in Okinawa and the Philippines in the 50’s and collected a bunch of cool stuff. I come from a long line of semi-hoarders. My particular favorites are dishes. I can’t seem to stop buying them. Thank you for the compliments.
  • dragonflywings42

    I love your choices, Pat! Beautiful, different and not run-of-the mill. I can't wait to see the red rug and I hope you try it out in the living room. I'm thinking it will look wonderful there. We had wood floors forever and then a friend gave us an oriental and it has been uphill from there.

    Pat Reddrick thanked dragonflywings42
  • boxerpal

    Ooooohhhhhh Beautiful space.

    I love the beige rug best.

    Pat Reddrick thanked boxerpal
  • Pat Reddrick
    OK, here are a couple of pictures of the formal (read unused) room off the entry. My husband built the bookcases. Obviously, I am not a member of the “less is more” school of design. I really need to edit the shelves but where would I put my treasures?
  • boxerpal

    I love your treasures!

    Pat Reddrick thanked boxerpal
  • IdaClaire

    I'd buy a real rug and let friends and family age it over time. That's how it should be done.

    Actually, it "should" be done in any way that pleases the homeowner, and besides - what the heck is a "real" rug? If it covers the floor and is made of any soft fiber, that's a real rug. Period. End of story.

    I prefer the red rug, as I think it grounds the space (no pun intended) a little better than the beige. Both are pretty though, so you really can't go wrong with either.

    Pat Reddrick thanked IdaClaire
  • patriceny

    Very nice answer IdaClaire! :)

    I think I prefer the red one too, but it's hard to say without seeing it in the space.

    I love your home and I love your hand-built bookcases. It looks like a wonderful cozy space.

    Pat Reddrick thanked patriceny
  • baileysr
    I like both of your rugs, and they harmonize with each other too. So if you can use both, all the better!
    Pat Reddrick thanked baileysr
  • Bunny

    I agree with Ida about what a rug is and what is right about it. And I prefer the red too, but I love red.

    Pat Reddrick thanked Bunny
  • Pat Reddrick thanked 2014diane
  • ilovecomputers

    I like the rug you chose, and your dog is too cute!

  • lindsey (still misses Sophie)

    I think I remember your room from a different dilemma, no? I liked it then and I like it now. You have a great sense of humour too!

    I think you made a good choice with the beige, but red would not have been wrong either! Your eye is good and you don't need us to tell you how to create a beautiful home, so I am commenting just to let you know that it's refreshing to see a room that tells the story of the occupants' lives and personalities. :-)

  • Pat Reddrick
    Linsey, etc. thank you so much for the compliments. I am proud of my home but constantly want to improve the looks so I appreciate others’ comments and help.
  • Pat Reddrick
    Ilovecomputers, here’s a picture of Dolly.
  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    Dolly is absolutely adorable. I like your home because it shows personality and individual taste. Lucky you to have high ceilings and a beautiful fireplace. That's half the battle won in having a beautiful room. I'm afraid I have to agree that your bookcase needs to be edited. I imagine that not every object there has equal value or meaning for you, and you might try eliminating those that are less meaningful, and especially the clear glass items, which seem to dilute the impact of the others. You might try putting them elsewhere as a group if they are important to you.

    It would be nice to see the red carpet in situ to be able to determine how well it goes with your furniture. I have a feeling that it would look really great.

  • loobab
    Well, at least I got the animal correct even if I didn’t know live from dead!
    You do have lots of goodies!
    How nice to inherit things from loved ones. Memories burnish beautiful possessions all the more.
    I am coveting that chair with the cane back!
    I bought the Swiffer duster with the extender arm and omg am I happy! I don’t need to climb up.
    I used to use an ostrich feather duster but looking at what the Swiffer picks up I think the ostrich feathers just moved the dust around.
  • tatts

    It never occurred to me that that was a ceramic critter! Never.

    That explains everything. But in your last photo, I see that your hellhound has killed a defenseless blanket. Will the carnage never end in your house?!

    Nice shelves that your husband built, and the red back looks great.

    Pat Reddrick thanked tatts
  • Pat Reddrick
    I am back after a week in Iceland - no northern lights! And a trip to Tallahassee to visit women I have known since elementary school. Much fun. Anyway, today I switched out the rugs. I like the red better. Who’s with me?
  • Pat Reddrick
    Whoops! Here are the pictures. I won’t have to exercise for the rest of the month!
  • Olychick

    It looks very nice and adds a great deal of warmth to your room.

  • IdaClaire

    I like the red, especially as it visually warms the room for the winter season. Hope you enjoyed Iceland! We're going next summer.

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