Rose Trees - what's best on the patio?

Sylvia Weiser Wendel
November 1, 2018

Zone 8a.

The demise of an oversized tilting umbrella has opened up some more space on my patio. I have several roses in pots out there, but only one in the ground (a polyantha, Aunt Margy's Rose) - for the simple reason that I have very little dirt.

As of this writing, I have Rockwall Sesquecentennial (ARE Pioneer rose, light pink, 2 1/2 inch diameter), Aunt Margy's Rose, General Schablikine (in a whiskey barrel), my minifloras which will stay in their one-gallon pots for a year, Winter Sun (Kordes), Ebb Tide, and Dr. Grill (all in large pots). The minifloras will range from white-and-pink to yellow, with Deja Blu thrown in - but who knows how that will actually look when it blooms.

For the rose tree(s?) I'm thinking deep pink, which so far means either:

Grande Dame

All My Lovin

Pretty Lady Rose

Grande Dame would be my first choice, but I understand it droops. Will that be so bad on the tree rose? Otherwise it sounds perfect. Likes hot-dry conditions too.

All My Lovin has only "moderate" fragrance.

PLR is described as "moderately strong peony" -- ohkaay. I'll know that when I smell it.

Rose trees would provide a visual "lift", so I'd prefer full-sized ones.

What do you think? How big a pot would I need?



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