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Hurricane Michael flood water

November 4, 2018

My potted rose bush ( a Disney rose about 6 years old ) took a direct hit of salt water surge on Mexico Beach, FL. I had several plants in pots but I was only able to find this one rose plant amid all the disaster. It was on it side and dried roots had been exposed to the elements of heat and sun for at least 7 days. I placed it in a fresh water soak for 30 minutes and then in fresh miracle-grow potting soil with some rose food granules. The stems which are now bare have stated to turn brown at the tips going toward the roots with continued progression. ANY and ALL advice is welcomed. I really want this plant to make it.

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  • cyndita (west coast zone 9)

    Can you post a photo? It might help people give better advice.

    And, I'm not an expert, but in the meantime I would cut off the brown tips below the brown, so that if you look at the cut edge the interior of the cane is light colored, without any brown - this will help keep it from continuing to spread down the cane..

    Good luck!

    traceyinflorida thanked cyndita (west coast zone 9)
  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)

    Err on side of less (to no) fertilizer. Consider prolonged soak over nite of entire plant in plain water (like some BR rose producers advocate for their mail order plants upon arrival at customers’ homes).

    traceyinflorida thanked rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)
  • traceyinflorida

    taken this morning. I will soak today and trim brown tops. Thanks so much for the help

  • cyndita (west coast zone 9)

    Yes, definitely cut off the dark parts, even if you have to cut it way down!

    I'm not sure what's going on with the white stuff on the canes at the bottom right of the photo - does anyone else know?

    traceyinflorida thanked cyndita (west coast zone 9)
  • traceyinflorida

    I trimmed that stalk down as well. Soaking plant over night and will replant in morning.

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    When repotting, I’d probably gently shake of as much of the soil as possible ,( careful to leave a good portion of feeder roots) since it might be heavy in salt. Otherwise, I think you are taking good care of it, hope it revives well for you.

    traceyinflorida thanked BenT (8a Dallas, TX)
  • seil zone 6b MI

    I agree with rifis, no fertilizer! The plant is already stressed and fertilizer will only stress it more. When you see new leaves starting to sprout you know the plant is starting to recover. At that point you can give it a 1/2 strength dose of fertilizer. I would also suggest putting it some place where it only gets morning sun. Hot afternoon sun could damage those bare canes. Once it leafs out you can gradually move it back into full sun.

    traceyinflorida thanked seil zone 6b MI
  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)

    Any sign of success?

  • summersrhythm_z6a

    That looks like canker, it’s too late to use fungicide. The rose should be gone by now.

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