Help!!! How bad is this cabinet install?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I recently purchased a home and I used Lowe’s for my cabinets and installation. How bad is the installation? The cabinets are shenandorah, style: Irvington, maple linen (painted). Should I make Lowes tear out all of the cabinets and order new ones? My problem is that I don’t really have much time because my lease is ending and I have to be into my home by the end of December.

I am seeking honest opinions on what I need to do?

Are the base cabinets installed incorrectly? I thought the screw went through the frame. It appears the installer torqued the screws too much and ended up gluing it back?

The installed bent my water pipe during the install. I verified the measurements prior to ordering. Lowe’s even sent a guy out to measure. I think they installed my cabinets wrong and didn’t follow the design.

The wall cabinets are installed with screws in the bottom of the frame which is visible.

If you open the sink cabinet, it hits my waste basket and pushed it to the side.

The contractor made a lot of holes in my wall.

Do I have unrealistic expectations?

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