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My Camellia Winter Prep

Pv Picotte
November 21, 2018

Here in RI, we are going to be very low for the next couple of days. I have wrapped my 2 year old April Dawn in a bunch of stuff - i.e., 3 layers of plastic and a sweatshirt. It's been in the low 20's and I didn't have it wrapped yet and it still looks fine - as in the fat bud still looks fat and not in any way affected by the cold. Today I dressed her up warm! The plastic on top is clear so there is light reaching the plant. Sure hope it works. She is on the south side but no morning sun. She is not in direct north wind - house blocks that to some degree. There are hedges to the left and a tree behind. Fingers crossed.

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  • vvasabi

    This is essentially what I have done last night as well for my camellias here in Toronto. The forecast says it can be as low as 10 ºF overnight tonight. You may wish to secure/tie down the plastic bag somehow, so it doesn’t get blown away by strong winds. Light isn’t really necessary for a dormant plant, but having some won’t hurt. Good luck!

    Pv Picotte thanked vvasabi
  • Pv Picotte

    Yep. Have it secured with clothes pins. I kind of thought that about the light plus camellias are low light plants as I recall. Thanks and luck to you as well.

  • Embothrium

    'April Dawn' is repeatedly described as being hardy to about 0 F. As here:


    Be sure that the plastic covering does not cook your plant during periods of sunny weather.

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  • Pv Picotte

    I am aware of that being a possibility. It doesn't get a lot of sun where it is planted and I think the warmest day we have in store is predicted to be about 52 on Saturday I believe. If that even happens at all. I will keep an eye on it however. Thanks for that input.

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