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Small front porch suggestions

Kelsey Morgen
December 4, 2018
last modified: December 4, 2018

I need suggestions for our front porch! It is an awkward layout and rather small but I feel like it needs something! It is a condo so I cannot remove the railing or paint the stucco. Current picture in the comments. The black and white rug and another door mat are always there. The interior of our home is a bit of farmhouse modern.

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  • Rawketgrl

    no pic

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  • suzyq53

    Maybe paint the cement landing a pretty color. A potted trellis plant under the light?

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  • Rawketgrl

    A larger porch light would be nice

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  • dchall_san_antonio

    NO! It needs LESS of everything. Get rid of the clutter. Take out the wooden railing, wind chimes, mailbox, wreath, and welcome sign. Pressure wash the concrete. Wash or paint the stucco. Replace the doorbell button. Get back to a blank slate. Then put a tall, slender, potted, plant in the left corner of the slab. I'm thinking of a tall dracena. I'd tend to leave it at that.

  • Bunny

    dchall, did you even read the OP?

  • Kelsey Morgen
    Sorry I edited the post to say that it is a condo!
  • l pinkmountain

    Paint the door a rich color. Take the wreath off, it fights with the shape and design of the door and obscures the leaded glass pattern. Maybe hang the wreath under the light. I imagine the mailbox is just a kids Christmas thing. If you love chimes, get something more dramatic, with less little details, like those bell ones with wood in the middle, not sure what chime parts are called. If you don't love chimes, get rid of them all together! Perhaps a porch box with a something dramatic. Think simple. Your porch is too small for lots of little details. Even on the rug, which when Christmas is over, I would change to something with a simpler pattern. You don't want to overwhelm people with details upon entering your house. A few bold things and then call it quits.

  • Kelsey Morgen

    The corner space by the railing is what really bothers me. It just seems like awkward empty space. I should note that I'm terrible at keeping plants alive so I'm not sure if potted plants would last! I do like the idea of keeping it simple and clean!

  • pennydesign

    I agree with pressure washing the concrete...you can rent a pressure washer (we bought a cheap electric one and didn't think we would get much use from it, but we use it all the time).

    II'm wondering if a teeny tiny bistro set would work? Of course, if it's a busy place, you may not want to sit out there...

    I would want to replicate the feel of this...(NOT the size--or everything in it. Just the "feel")

    Tables are available that attach to the railing...

    ETA, sorry, just read your last comment about keeping it clean looking...sorry!

  • mimimomy

    Are you allowed to tile the concrete? If so, would consider that as it's pretty easy for such a small space. I think you would be well served by removing all of the items currently on the porch, as I don't think they are helping you. I'd remove the wreath because it doesn't quite work on your door.

    I don't know whether you live in the north or the south... if in the south, I'd add a small wall fountain to the wall to the left of the door. If in the north, that would be a nice spot for a wreath of some kind.

    Do you love birds? I do:) So I'll suggest a little feeder that you can attach to your railing that will hang out over the railing into the shrubbery (presumed there is some type of landscaping there...)

    Another option for that railing, a window box that clamps on (they call them deck railing planters sometimes). Then you can have a lot of color with trailing ivy or other trailing plant, as well as upright. In the winter, it can be filled with dwarf Alberta Spruce, underplanted with ivy and decorated with tiny white lights for a winter scene.

    Are you allowed to paint your door? If so, I would-- maybe a pretty red or blue, or something that you think provides an introduction to your home.

    I like the idea of a new light fixture if that's doable. One thing to realize is just because a spot is empty, doesn't mean it needs to be filled up... it's like "white space" in a document... without it, the document is overwhelming and almost unreadable!

    Farmhouse Style Deck Railing Planter

  • Kelsey Morgen

    Here's a wider view of the front. It already looks so much better without the wreath! Thank you for that suggestion! Our house numbers are right under the light, blurred in the picture, so finding a new light to go there might be difficult but I would like to do so if it's possible!

  • groveraxle

    Don't think of it as a porch. It's more of a stoop; no real decor necessary. I'd get rid of the pot on the right and plant something in the garden bed instead.

  • mimimomy

    Nice! So the landscape plants make it look like you might be in a southern-ish location.

    The heart planter to the right would look better if it were raised up a bit and had plants in it :) Maybe put a couple of pavers or stones under it. If you won't use it throughout the winter, I'd suggest moving it to storage. The irrigation may need adjustment so it doesn't spray directly on your stucco... lots of discoloration on the paint directly behind the planter (looks like a result of mineral content from irrigation spray--- I could be wrong!).

    Love your entryway tile. Would be lovely if you could extend that to the porch.

    Also, would add some nice cedar bark/pine bark mulch around your entry way planting beds.

    If you get a fair amount of sun, I'd put a fantastic tree rose right underneath the flag. Knockout roses are incredibly low maintenance, and the standard/tree versions are fab and would add a lot of color right there. You could underplant this with some low grasses or annuals or a low spreading evergreen.

    Still like the idea of a deck rail planter that you can seasonally fill with color, but you would have to decide if that would block the view to your door. If you don't want a wall fountain, you might consider a "wall of plants"... not a big one, but maybe a 2' square with succulents or something. I saw one where the plant pots were attached to a barnboard backing-- reallly cute. However, as the space is small I'd be careful not to have anything too voluminous.

  • mimimomy

    Here's a photo with fall color in a deck mount planter....

    Fall Containers · More Info

    Indoor/outdoor planters/plant wall ideas:
    Farmhouse Style Garden Ideas

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