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Freaking Out! - Granite Counters

December 6, 2018
So I can’t sleep at 5:30 a.m. because I’m worried about my countertops I picked out yesterday. Did I choose the right granite? Are they too dark?? I’m going for a light, airy feel in the kitchen, but I do want SOME contrast. The cabinets are white, like WHITE white, the floors will be a light red oak, the backsplash will probably be a beveled subway tile, and the paint color is undecided. A granite slab similar to the one I chose is attached. They call it thunder cloud. Opinions, please!
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  • littlehelen_gw

    I believe your selection works for white-white cabinets, it should add some movement to the space.

  • artistsharonva

    It is a lot of movement in the stone in the photo. It will work with white cabinets, but make sure the back splash is less busy, so they don't compete or clash.

    Here's some examples.

  • forevernow

    I think it's a great color! I have a dark kitchen and am probably going to go with white cabinets too to help brighten but I'll likely still go with a gray toned countertop because I just don't like light colored countertops. It should make a nice contrast without being stark. Relax, you did good. :)

  • Jean Strauser
    Hi Jaymi

    I am not a pro. But I’ve looked at tons of pix similar to what you’re kitchen will be. I really like your granite. It’s a beautiful piece of stone with lots of movement and I think paired with your white cabinets and simple backsplash will look great. Your lighter floor will add to the light feel. Perhaps the amount of movement in the stone is throwing you? I think it will all work very well together and not be boring. This whole process can be so fun, yet very anxiety producing, yes? I think you’ve made some beautiful choices.
  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Lovely granite but please no beveled tile for the backsplash just a nice simple one maybe in a larger format

  • Mona

    Ha! I was you back in October. My husband talked me into a busy granite when what I wanted was white quartz. It has all worked out great and I love our kitchen. I'm glad he insisted on adding something of interest with the white cabinets. We did a flat glass large subway tile since the granite has so much going on. I love your choice, don't second guess yourself now!

  • townlakecakes

    Gorgeous granite! It will be beautiful.

  • badgergal

    That is a beautiful granite. My daughter has a similar type granite in her kitchen. It was installed by the previous owner so I don't know the name of it. My daughter had the natural maple cabinets painted with Sherwin Williams Extra White paint. I think it looks great, (even without her under cabinet lights turned on). Here's a picture of her kitchen to help you visualize how yours might look.

  • jaymi84
    Wow, you all are amazing! Thank you for talking me off the ledge. This is the second counter I’ve picked out. First I chose white fantasy quartzite, but after having nightmares (literally) of etching and staining, I changed it to the thunder cloud granite and I woke up so nervous about it! But thank you for the kind words and pictures. Maybe I’ll do the glass subway tile. That looks good too!
  • zellenpat

    Better things to worry about than countertops. One of which is do you really care what other peoples opinion are?Its your house. Relax enjoy and move on.

  • njmomma

    Not a Pro.

    I think your counters are a great choice for white cabinets. I would keep the back splash simply white. The white back splash with that counter will be a good back drop for your accessories.

    I also feel a mid gray paint from your counter tops would look great on your walls.

  • cyc2001

    Zellenpat, that is not helpful. You could have just read this post and moved on if you didn’t find it a worthwhile topic, instead of going out of your way to comment just to try to make the OP feel frivolous for worrying about the counters. Every purchase you make for your home can be stressful because you don’t want to make a costly mistake. I get that.

    The counters are lovely!

  • PRO
    Suzette Sherman Design

    It looks dark to me. It's beautiful and can work but if you want light it's not going to be light. Have you considered having a small piece honed to see how it looks? Honed is the updated approach but needs to be sealed. It will look lighter and not so stormy. I love honed so soft looking too.

  • jaymi84
    I just want this done already! Something tells me I’ll be thinking about the what ifs until it’s installed. I’ll post a pic next week when it’s done!
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    Thunder Cloud? there is Thunder White (which is really River White)

    If there are bits of a garnet colored dots in your stone, It's River White (or Thunder White)

    Stone yards often rename slabs .

    and there is Silver Cloud:

    slabs vary greatly but silver cloud is grays/whites/black. nothing else.


    I'd do the Silver Cloud

  • Jora

    jaymi - I can't tell you how many restless nights I had freaking out over our countertop choice before it was installed. It's normal to have those thoughts, as you are spending a lot of money on something that you will have to live with for a while.

    Your countertop is gorgeous and, I find, that there is not much that doesn't compliment white cabinets (ours are honey maple!!!).

    Can't wait to see pictures of yours installed!

  • jaymi84
    I truly appreciate the kind and empathetic comments!! It was more like the Thunder White that Beth mentioned with the dots throughout. However, I STILL felt uneasy about it and raced up to the place yesterday and changed my selection yet again. I wound up choosing Andromeda White, which has coloring similar to River White, but it’s a bit lighter and doesn’t have horizontal river-y streaks, if that makes sense. I’ll still post a pic of the finished product if anyone is still interested . I find such good advice here that I know I’ll be back when it’s time to choose a backsplash and paint! Oh, and attached is a pic of the new granite.
  • Jenn Dinosaur-Mom

    I know it’s easy to second guess things, especially when it’s an expensive thing, that one will see every time they enter the room it’s in, and will be there for a LONG time. At least you made the change decision before it reached the ‘change order = more $$$’ point of no return!

    Now you can relax and try to enjoy the rest of the process! Good luck!

  • tenamarie123

    I think you made a good choice. The first slab was beautiful but ultimately too dark I think for the look you were going for. This slab is very pretty too!!

  • ci_lantro

    I like your new pick much better than the first one. Good move.

  • njmomma

    Not a Pro.

    Love your new pick also.

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