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Grayed out; need color

PHYLLIS Rodriguez
December 6, 2018
last modified: December 7, 2018

Hello. Recently purchased a gray sectional & decided to paint b4 it arrived. As a result it caused me to paint additional rooms, & change my TV position. I know I need some patterned drapes & a large framed picture on the dark wall....suggestions pls.

oh, I took my old lamp & painted it & must get a shade for it—whats pictured is an old shade I had.

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Why did you post this in Landscape Design?????

  • mimimomy

    Love your grey sectional... really nice. I'd go with a really light color on the walls...Personally would not add patterned curtains, just something light. If you want to introduce patterns I'd go with throw pillows/throws.... art on walls.

    Seems very dark, so not sure if additional lighting is in order, or if you just didn't have the lights on :)

  • PHYLLIS Rodriguez

    Thank you. Is there another way? First time posting here.

  • PHYLLIS Rodriguez

    I agree I need additional lighting. The picture is a bit dark. I’m trying to upload another...I agree w/pillows! Thank you

  • mimimomy

    I love your floors!! They are so nice and add a lot of warmth!

    So is painting the walls an option? If not, how about a couple of uplights on that very dark wall, together with some lighter artwork and a nice green tree?

    PHYLLIS Rodriguez thanked mimimomy
  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    " Is there another way? First time posting here. "

    Yes. Ignore the stupid Houzz suggestion to post in three different forums. Just pick the one that is most applicable to your topic (Home Decorating). Cross posting to unrelated forums (Landscape Design) just confuses and clogs up those forums with unrelated topics.

    Are you reading this Houzz Adminstration??? Can you please abandon the inane practice of encouraging cross-posting?? And why does the 'Miscatagorized' flag no longer work??

    PHYLLIS Rodriguez thanked gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)
  • PHYLLIS Rodriguez

    Ok sorry abt that

  • PHYLLIS Rodriguez

    As far as painting...I just did. Now I’ll have to add oictures/plants/pillows/curtains to make it warm. Thanks for any suggestions.

  • pennydesign

    Phyllis, gardengal is frustrated (as am I), by recent changes to Houzz It's confusing to us and very confusing to new posters...Please don't take any of it personally....we just want Houzz admin to be aware of the problems (and admin is notoriously difficult to communicate with)...

    Please don't worry and you're doing fine here. Many are not even able to post a picture in the original posting...it's a mess here.

    On to your issue: On my monitor, the sofa looks beige, but you're saying it's gray? It must be a warm gray...

    You do need some color (all neutrals are fine, but some of us need color, especially this time of year :))

    What is your favorite color? Drapes, pillows, and a rug would really go far to warm up the room...

    Do you have anything existing (art, for example...other lamps maybe?) that can be used in this room that you love?

    You need some tables in here to put lamps on...I'm assuming you like a more clean and contemporary look?

    Is this the best/only layout for your room? The tv looks a bit difficult to watch where it is...can your sectional be reconfigured to go on the darker wall? Perhaps a layout and dimensions of the sectional would help...

    PHYLLIS Rodriguez thanked pennydesign
  • PHYLLIS Rodriguez

    Hi. I wanted the TV to go on the large dark wall & the sofa to face it but when delivered this is the only position that fits making me change the TV to the wall you see in last picture. Since TV still operates won’t replace with wall TV until it dies(lol).

    until then I’m in search for things you mention...couch table, lamps, area rug, art & pillows.

    Thanks for your help!

  • pennydesign

    Can you angle your tv so that everyone can watch?

    I'm guessing you need an 8x10 rug, minimum...?

    I'll poke around online and see what's out there, just know that monitors lie about colors :) so it's always best to buy the tiniest rug offered (usually 2x3) to do a color test and then return it...it's easier that way...

    What colors do you like?

  • PHYLLIS Rodriguez

    hi thank you for your comments. Yes, I angled my TV so all can see.

    Colors: i like white(&and alike), black, even soft pink, & lavender. Love red but usually not anything dealing w/home decorating.

    i agree w/the rug!! Good idea buying the smaller version first.

  • pennydesign

    What about an eggplant and gray combo?

    You could add in a bit of teal or navy?




    Here's a few...sorry I couldn't get the pictures to load, so you'll have to check out the links...it's an easy website to navigate as you can narrow the rugs down by color and size, etc.

    They have a great sale on right now, but they usually have decent sales.

    PHYLLIS Rodriguez thanked pennydesign
  • PHYLLIS Rodriguez

    Yes, luv Your ideas!! Ty

  • patricia hall

    You have quite a challenge getting the large sectional and large television to be comfortable in the space. I wonder if rotating the sectional, with the long portion back to the arched opening would allow the television to go on the dark wall. I realize you would have to provide enough space from the arched opening to allow for foot traffic, but it looks doable from the photos.

    PHYLLIS Rodriguez thanked patricia hall
  • pennydesign

    I'm a bit concerned about drapes in here. The sectional has made the room a bit on the tight side, as you know. I just recently switched out my drapes in my family room for roman blinds. It's definitely a cleaner, simpler look, but it also makes the room feel larger...you might consider that. It MAY be more expensive to do custom fabrics, but there might be some other alternatives depending on your window size and configuration--I can't tell from the photo is there's one or three or if it's a bay window or a picture window. If it's one large window, you could do two or three smaller blinds if you have the room to attach them to the underneath-top of the window...do you think it would be something you like?

    If your budget is really small, you CAN diy these using old mini blinds and your own fabric...if you're handy of course.

    PHYLLIS Rodriguez thanked pennydesign
  • PHYLLIS Rodriguez

    patriciarhall , thank you for your help!! The sectional can’t to moved as You indicate. Couch is 11 inches & space is 10 1/2 inches.

  • Holly Stockley

    Sometimes it's the computer, but it looks to ME like the undertones in your new couch and the paint on the wall are substantially different. They're fighting with each other. I don't know that there's really much of a solution for that but to repaint, choosing either a warmer grey or greige this time, or a different color altogether.

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